The Delaware Valley Bathroom Remodeling Company That Is
ALLERGIC To Stress And Worry

Remodel Your Bathroom Without The Headache

Remodeling SHOULD be fun, exciting, and invigorating.

It usually does start off that way, but then the stressors start piling up…and they don’t stop.

One day turns into one week that turns into one month…then two months…

Just a few more dollars here…and a few more dollars there…

Workers who don’t notice that you exist and treat your home like their personal hangout… ”What, someone actually lives here?”

Lots of he said she said, you said, we said…and no clear-cut communication…

And of course…product shortages. “Oops, we’re out of that claw-foot tub you ordered months ago and were relying on to add that elegant touch to your bathroom. SO SORRY.”

Little stress + small frustration + tiny snag + minor delay + slight inconvenience adds up to a MASSIVE pain in the neck.

Eventually fun becomes frustrating, exciting becomes stressful, and instead of invigorating the whole process is just plain exhausting.

‘Goodbye and good riddance’ is the typical sentiment most homeowners feel toward their remodeling company by the time their home improvement project draws to a close.

Remodelocity Is The Exact Opposite Of This

We know the remodeling industry fully — warts and all. In the 13 years since we started Remodelocity, we’ve sunk an ENORMOUS amount of thought, energy, time, and money into making the Remodelocity experience FRUSTRATION-FREE and ENJOYABLE. And our efforts paid off.

Here’s how:

The App That Makes The Remodeling World Go Round:
We developed an app that ensures that we are in CONSTANT communication with you. We won’t miss a word.

We Only Hire People Who Care About Other People:
The beauty of owning our own company is that we are not forced to hire anyone. We can take our time and be very selective. We ONLY hire people who share our values – integrity, respect, trust, compassion and HUMILITY.

A Rock-Solid Non-Prorated Warranty That Actually Does What It’s Supposed To Do:
The average warranty covers less and less over time. That seems counterproductive. As time goes on, you usually need your warranty MORE, not LESS. Our warranty has NO added cost over time.

Workmanship That Throws Shade On Every Other Installation Job You Ever Had:
No offense to the other remodeling companies out there…we can’t help it if we’re the best. We do everything WE can to make our employees happy so that they can do everything THEY can to make our customers happy.

What Do You Want Your Bathroom To Look And Feel Like?

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