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We Give Simple But Effective Bathroom Facelifts
In The Philadelphia Suburbs

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You Only Feel As Good As Your Bathroom Looks

Want to know how someone is really doing? Check out the state of their bathroom. (We’re only partially kidding.)

The truth is that giving your bathroom a much-needed boost can actually give YOU a boost.

If you want to spruce up your bathroom on a budget with ZERO stress and upheaval, ask us about a bathroom restyle! In as little as 2-4 days, we can give your bathroom a refreshing facelift that will completely erase years and years of grime and use.

A few simple changes can go a long way. A perfect paint job, a knockout vanity and backsplash, and sleek new hardware can make your bathroom look completely different. You won’t have the anxiety of reducing your bathroom to a pile of rubble and you’ll get an entirely new look — kind of the best of both worlds.

We follow your cues so that we create something extremely personalized to you. A bathroom is the ultimate personal space — make it YOURS.

The Delaware Valley Remodeling Company That Respects Your Time, Money, And Choices

We’re not like the other girls. Here’s how we’re different:

We Don’t Camp Out In Your Home Forever:
Work times are generally around 2-4 days for restyling your bathroom. We work as fast as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Lifetime Warranty:
Everything we do for you is backed up with a LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

Free Choice Of Materials:
Many bathroom remodeling contractors stick with only a few vendors. But we never lock you into one specific manufacturer or one particular product. You’re free to choose whatever product or material you want.

The Price Is What We Quote OR LOWER:
For restyling your bathroom, the budget is typically around $12K. But here’s the clincher: When you sign up for our app, we will notify you any time materials are discounted. This means that the final price can end up being MUCH lower for you.

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