6 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

June 7, 2022

6 Ways To Make Your Philadelphia Home’s
Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Try These Tips To Maximize The Space In
Your Small Bathroom

Does your Philadelphia home suffer from a small bathroom? Do you wish you had more space, but a full bathroom remodel is out of the question? You’re in luck! These six tips will help you maximize the space that you do have, creating a larger feel in your small bathroom.

1. Maximize The Lighting

If you have a window, you’ll want to capitalize on its offerings. Natural light will positively impact the size of your small bathroom. Make sure you don’t block the window with heavy window treatments either. Instead, select a light, airy covering that will still afford privacy while allowing light in.

For windows that are too small to allow substantial light inside, consider adding a skylight when possible. This will undoubtedly increase the amount of natural light entering your bathroom.

When windows and skylights just aren’t an option, make sure you install ample bright lighting. There are many options to maximize light such as installing a ceiling light fixture with multiple bulbs to emit light from many different angles.

2. Using White Or Tone-On-Tone Colors

Using white paint, white counters, and white tiles is one of the simplest ways to achieve the illusion of added space with the white-on-white effect. This causes the illusion of the space receding, giving you the feeling of having more room. Plus, white reflects light instead of absorbing it.

On the other hand, if you’re just not a fan of all that white, you can try tone-on-tone. You can use warm beige, soft grays, or faint hues to achieve this effect.

Keeping the ceiling the same color as the walls will create a seamless effect that adds to the airiness you are trying to create.

Additionally, blend your tile and wall colors. When you only have part of the bathroom tiled, paint the rest of the space the same color as the tiles to create a uniform effect. This will eliminate any dividing lines that can make your room look smaller.

3. Select Large, Plain Tiles

Smaller floor tiles create more dividing lines. In the end, you end up with what looks like less space. So instead, choose large tiles that have a plain design. This will give you the impression of added floor space and, in turn, a larger room.

4. Use Glass For Your Shower

Choose clear glass for your shower to allow visibility through the entire fixture. Using a textured glass or a shower curtain can end up creating another wall that blocks the view. You want to have as little obstruction as possible.

5. Use Big Mirrors

Mirrors are great for reflecting light, so the bigger you go with yours, the better. You can even consider covering an entire wall with mirrors.

Make sure when placing the mirror that it reflects a great view. If you can position it to reflect the window or an open door, this will increase the illusion of space. When this isn’t possible, make sure not to reflect something like the toilet.

6. Employ Enough Storage

Clutter always makes a space seem smaller than it is. To avoid this, make sure you have enough storage for everything you have in your bathroom. With everything put away, you’ll have a neat, clean, and organized space.

One option to consider is recessed shelves. This is an aesthetically pleasing option as it frees up space due to the shelves being completely flush with the wall.

Another option is to use open shelves. This creates depth by making the walls look like they are farther back than they actually are.

7. Opt For A Restyle Or Renovation

You can use a smaller-scale bathroom remodel, like a restyle or a renovation, to change up your small bathroom. These two options aren’t as time-consuming or as costly as a full remodel. You can change several features to maximize the space you have.

Tired Of That Small Bathroom? Call The Experts

Let’s be real. A small bathroom can be a huge letdown when it comes time to get ready or relax at the end of the day. Here at Remodelocity, we offer bathroom renovations and restyles in addition to full remodels. Big or small, we’ve got all your changes covered.

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