92% Of Our Job Applicants Fail The Drug Or Background Check…Guess Where They End Up Working?

September 15, 2021

Hint: Working For Delaware Valley Contractors That Aren’t Us

We have nothing against people who’ve messed up and want a second chance. They deserve to be able to prove themselves. But not with our company — we just can’t take that risk. That’s why we have an extremely selective screening process that weeds out any bad apples.

When sending workers into someone’s home we might as well put a stamp on them that says ‘APPROVED’. We vetted them, we hired them, we feel comfortable sending them into your home. This HAS TO mean that we are completely confident that you’ll be safe and feel at ease when they are around.

And if we don’t feel 100% confident about that, we don’t have any right to send them into your home where they can hang around your family and your possessions.

That’s Why Out Of 100 Applicants For An Installer Position Only Around 1 Or 2 Make it to the Interview

And the other 98 work for our competitors.

When we run an ad and get 80 responses, we probably only call around 5 applicants. Of those 5, on average, only 1 person has the humility and character that we are looking for.

We do drug and background checks. And we also do one more important check — we check who they are as a PERSON.

It doesn’t matter how qualified an applicant is — how trained or how experienced he is. If he doesn’t possess the refined, kind, and humble character that we look for, we won’t hire him.

We value integrity, respect, trust, and humility MORE than training and experience. Those things can be taught along the way, but these values need to be inborn.

It’s YOUR Vision, YOUR Ideas And YOUR Dreams That Matter

We Stand Out Because Of What We VALUE

We Have Respect For Every Home We Work On…And Every Human Being We Work With