A Unique Approach To Kitchen Remodels That Delivers Stunning Results

August 5, 2022

See How Our Approach To Kitchen Design
Ensures Homeowners Get What They Want

When Desires Don’t Mesh With Reality, We Find A Way!

When it comes time to Remodel Your Kitchen, more often than not, you have an idea of your preferred outcome from the remodeling process… but, you’re a bit puzzled about how to make it happen.

That’s where experienced professionals like us come in!

We can’t tell you how often we’ve shown up to a house to “fix” an outstanding issue only to realize the homeowner’s original “solution” wouldn’t solve anything.

Sure, we give our seasoned input and suggestions as frequently as possible, but there are times when some homeowners just don’t want to hear it.

And we don’t blame them!

On the other end of the spectrum, we work with homeowners like the one we’ll look at below. This homeowner took our suggestions and ideas to heart because they could see we honestly had their best interests in mind.

She Wanted To Make Her Kitchen Window Bigger,
But, We Chose To Eliminate It Instead

One of our favorite stories of how we took a unique approach to make a homeowner’s dreams come true first started as a simple kitchen remodeling job.

The homeowner, we’ll call her Marge, started getting fed up with her kitchen’s lack of natural light. Because she spent many hours there preparing food and doing dishes, she knew she couldn’t live this way forever.

When Marge first reached out to us, she inquired about the logistics and price of what it would cost to make her kitchen window bigger. After all, a bigger window would mean more light, right?

Well, unbeknownst to Marge, making the sole kitchen window larger would impede other features of her kitchen, such as cabinetry and counter space. If we made her window bigger without telling her this grave mistake, she would be greatly disappointed in the final result.

Sure, Marge’s kitchen would have more light, but at what cost? So, we decided the best course of action was to eliminate the window!

Why Marge’s Kitchen Didn’t Need A Window
In The First Place

Upon our initial inspection of Marge’s kitchen, we noticed a few things that led us to decide to remove her kitchen window altogether. First, we saw her kitchen had an entry door leading into the backyard.

While this door also featured a small window, Marge’s kitchen still needed more light.

Secondly, Marge’s kitchen would require additional remodeling services to make up for the cabinet adjustments, fixtures, and much more (this can be costly and time-consuming).

Here’s what we decided to do.

We completely removed her kitchen window and, instead, swapped out her entry door with sliding glass patio doors. By doing so, Marge’s kitchen had substantially more natural light than a single window could ever provide.

After the window was gone, it gave us all the space needed to install the patio doors without worrying about the home’s structural integrity.

It also looked phenomenal.

Here’s The Best Part…

The idea of ditching her kitchen window alarmed Marge at first like it would most homeowners caught off guard. But after explaining how beneficial sliding glass entry doors would be compared to a window replacement, she started to get the idea.

What sold her on our revised game plan is that we could complete her Kitchen Restyle for the same price and timeline as her original idea.

That’s right! She got a more complex installation without us trying to manipulate her or convince her to pay more for it.

And we didn’t stop there…

To further improve the functionality of Marge’s kitchen, we upgraded all of her lighting fixtures, rearranged the layout of her kitchen to make it feel more spacious, and even added a free-floating island bar in the middle of the kitchen. All while staying under budget!

When You Want An Honest Opinion On Your
Kitchen Remodel, Reach Out To Remodelocity!

Instead of being “yes men,” we truly tell homeowners our honest opinions on the state of their home or home remodeling project. If we think you’re making a mistake, we’ll tell you. Simple as that. By Respecting Our Customers like they’re our own family, we can make dreams come true without focusing on profits.

If you’re looking for a home contractor who gives their ALL to every project, you’ve landed in the right place. At Remodelocity, we’re committed to a strict set of core values that all employees MUST adhere to. This not only ensures we get the best-of-the-best when it comes to home contractors, but it also ensures stunning results.

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