Appliance Placement: Why It Matters And What To Consider

October 31, 2022

Tips For Efficient Appliance Placement In Your
Philadelphia, PA, Kitchen

Why It Matters And What To Consider

Choosing and placing your new appliances in your Philadelphia, PA, home’s kitchen is essential to your kitchen remodeling project. It’s not just about how great your new kitchen looks but also how functional it is. You don’t want to make this large of an investment to have a room that works against you.

We’ll consider appliance placement, including why it matters and what you need to consider when planning your kitchen remodel


Why Appliance Placement In Your Kitchen Matters

Take a minute and picture this – you’ve got your remodeled kitchen with all your new appliances installed. It’s your first night using it. When you try to load the dishwasher, you cannot open the door because the knobs on the adjacent cabinet stick out just far enough that they block it from moving. What went wrong?

Planning your appliance placement needs to be taken seriously and be well thought out. Every aspect needs to be considered, including the placement of doors. You also don’t want the main path between the refrigerator and the stove or sink crossed by the main footpath through the kitchen. This could result in a significant traffic jam.

When considering where you will place things, you need to consider how it will affect that appliance’s functionality and the kitchen’s overall flow.

Things To Consider When Making Appliance
Placement Decisions

Because the slightest misplacement of an appliance can ruin how it functions, it is essential to consider everything about where it will go. These are some of the most important considerations when planning your new layout.

The Work Triangle

The space between the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink form what the industry calls the “work triangle” in the kitchen – where you spend most of your time. When preparing your meals, you commonly move between these three workspaces, so you want them to be relatively close together. To allow for ample room, you will want each one to be at least four feet from the others but no more than nine feet away.

This amount of space allows for the ideal movement between all three appliances without wasting steps or struggling to find space to work. If you do not place your appliances appropriately, you risk disrupting this workflow and making your kitchen less functional.

You do not want to place your triangle in a high-traffic area. Having people constantly walking across your path can also significantly disrupt your work pattern.

Place The Dishwasher Next To The Sink

This one might seem obvious, but it can easily be overlooked in the hectic planning of kitchen remodeling. For convenience’s sake, place the dishwasher next to the sink. You don’t want to have to travel from the sink across the room to load your dirty dishes. Even having it directly opposite the sink can be an inconvenience.

If you have opted to have your sink on your island, talk to your kitchen contractor about adding additional plumbing to accommodate the dishwasher there, too. It will make everything much more accessible.

Consider The Doors

While we already discussed ensuring your doors have enough clearance based on what’s next to them, you also need to consider where they are in relation to your height. If you have a separate oven unit placed too high, you may be unable to get your meals in and out of it easily.

Also, consider where your refrigerator will go. The door will often need to extend further than 90 degrees for the drawers to open. If you’ve chosen a location next to a wall, you may not be able to use your appliance fully and will need to relocate it.

Plan Your Counter Space

You will need adequate counter space to perform your tasks in the kitchen, which means you cannot lump all your appliances in one spot. Carefully consider how much space you need to complete each task and where you want to do it. Then place your appliances around those spaces as they make sense.

For instance, you will want the oven close to where you are preparing meals that you roast or the range near your prep area for stovetop meals.

Additionally, consider your small appliances. You do not want to take up all the counter space with things like your coffee maker, mixer, or toaster. Have a plan for where you can store the ones you will not frequently be using, or consider an appliance garage. Either option will free up precious counter space and leave your kitchen looking less cluttered.

Finally, hanging the microwave is another option to free up counter space. It is also convenient to place it over the stove so that you have all your food preparation appliances in the same area.

Do Not Place The Refrigerator Directly Next To The Oven

The work triangle recommends you have at least four feet of space between the refrigerator and oven, but that’s not the only reason you shouldn’t place these two appliances directly next to each other.

Over time, the heat from the oven will cause wear and tear on the refrigerator, resulting in a shorter lifespan than the manufacturer suggests. Additionally, the doors may not function appropriately without having both built-in.

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