Costly Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid

September 14, 2022

Costly Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid In
Your Philadelphia Home

How To Ensure Your Remodel Has No Hiccups

Are you getting ready for a kitchen remodel in your Philadelphia home? During the preparation phase and throughout the remodeling project, you’ll want to watch out for these common pitfalls that can really throw a wrench in the entire process.

Not Properly Planning

The biggest mistake made during most kitchen remodels is the homeowner’s failure to plan properly. Your kitchen needs to have an end goal and purpose. Take a minute and think about what your family’s life is going to look like in this new space once the project is completed. This kitchen is going to have to meet the needs of that life.

Additionally, if you don’t plan, impulsive design and spending decisions can be very easy to make. You may end up having to make changes in the middle of the project that can be very costly and necessary due to a lack of proper planning.

Don’t forget the small details. Many times homeowners will focus on style and major features but forget the tiny details that pull everything together. During the design phase, you’ll need plenty of time to map out the entire project, from the large tasks down to the small ones. While there may still be some obstacles, you’ll be well-prepared for them.

Underestimating The Cost And Waiting To Apply For Financing

Not creating an accurate budget is another major mistake many homeowners make. Generally speaking, you will spend more than what you think you will spend. You will need to take the time to research the materials you want to use for your kitchen remodel, as some of them can be more expensive than other options.

If you need financing, waiting to apply for it can really wreck your project. You need to know how much money you are working with so that you can plan your project out. Once you have this information, you can create a solid budget that you can work with for the course of the remodeling project.

You also need to ensure you’ve allocated your budget correctly. Each step of the process needs a percentage of the money assigned to it, reflecting how much it will cost. Double-check your numbers to ensure that you have everything covered and ensure that you have an emergency category for those surprises that may come up.

Choosing Cabinets Before Appliances

Choosing things in the correct order is of utmost importance when you’re about to remodel your kitchen. For example, to choose the correct cabinets, you will need the measurements of the appliances that will be installed. If you pick out your cabinets first, you won’t have these measurements, and you will most likely run into a problem when it comes time to install them around your appliances.

Installing Cabinets Before Flooring

Several problems come from installing cabinets on top of the flooring. First, the flooring will not be able to expand and contract, creating cupping and peaking problems. Second, if the floor becomes damaged and needs to be removed or repaired, the cabinets may be damaged in the process.

For these reasons, it’s best to ensure that your cabinets are installed after your flooring is installed.

Not Making The Kitchen Functional

Your stove, sink, and refrigerator should all be located within a few feet of one another, creating what is known as a chef’s triangle. This setup makes the kitchen more efficient and easy to use. By not paying attention to details like this, you will lose the functionality of your kitchen, making it difficult to use and causing it to be a place of frustration instead of joy.

You also need to plan enough counter space. By skimping on this step, you will decrease your ability to properly use your kitchen because you won’t have enough workspace. If you have room for it, you can really maximize your counter space with a kitchen island.

Forgetting Storage Space

Storage space is critical for any kitchen. If you forget to include it in your design, you’ll be left with a beautiful kitchen but nowhere to put anything. This will result in a cluttered mess that will be unusable.

You can never have too much storage, so you will want to add as much as possible during your planning phase. Remember that you have food, pots and pans, utensils, and small appliances to accommodate.

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