Designing An Energy Efficient Kitchen

November 29, 2022

Designing An Energy-Efficient Kitchen
In Montgomery County, PA

How To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While
Saving Money With Your Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners in Montgomery County, PA, are turning toward more green options when remodeling their kitchens. Increased energy efficiency offers money-saving options and decreases their environmental footprint.

But knowing you want a more efficient kitchen is only the beginning. Understanding the choices and features you need to achieve your goals is essential to a successful project.

Here are the steps you need to take to design an energy-efficient kitchen with your remodeling contractors.

1. Opt For Energy Star Appliances

The most helpful thing you can do for your kitchen remodel is select Energy Star appliances. These are the most energy-efficient options and will get you the most value for your dollar. They are certified to use less energy than standard products without the same rating. While the upfront cost may be higher, long-term costs will be lower.

In addition to decreasing your monthly energy costs, these appliances will boost your home’s resale value. These factors make them an excellent investment despite the initial costs.

2. Choose Appliances That Meet Your Needs

It’s not enough to just select Energy Star appliances – you have to consider your base needs as well. For example, you will probably not need a massive range if you don’t cook a lot, so choosing a smaller option would suit you well and decrease your energy costs.

You also need to evaluate the space you have for each appliance. Refrigerators need space all around them to work correctly. You will need to shop for this appliance based on the area you have available for it. Anything more significant will impact well how it functions.

3. Don’t Forget The Small Appliances

Small appliances also come with energy-efficient options and Energy Star ratings. Not choosing these appliances wisely can result in increased energy bills and decreased savings. You’ll also want to consider how big you need each one to be.

For instance, do you need a toaster oven that doubles as a rotisserie, or can you get by with just a standard oven?

4. Choose Low-Flow Faucets

The kitchen is one of your home’s most significant water users – and the biggest waster. A low-flow faucet can help reduce your excess water usage by up to 50%. There are many stylish options, so you don’t have to sacrifice to make the switch. The savings over the year in water costs will be astronomical.

5. Select An Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop offers a sleek addition to any kitchen with no compromise on style. It favors the appearance of a flat electric cooktop but works with the precision of a gas range.

This cooking method is unique in that 90% of the heat created by the cooktop goes directly to the food, not the surrounding room, like the other methods. The heating elements only heat induction-compatible cookware, helping you direct the heat where it needs to go.

You will have more control over your energy costs due to the heat from the cooktop not spreading to the rest of the room.

6. Be Smart About The Lighting

Lighting is essential to a fully functional kitchen, but choosing the wrong type can increase energy use. Choosing LED options will make light fixtures more energy-efficient. You can also opt for more natural lighting where possible.

If you can increase the number of windows during your remodel, you can benefit from the sun during the day, reducing reliance on electricity.

Adding dimmer switches will allow you to control the level of lighting being used. If you don’t need as much light for certain times of day, you can lower it, saving energy and money.

7. Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient options is excellent for maintaining your home’s indoor temperature. These windows prevent heat transfer through the glass, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. Your HVAC system will have to work less hard to maintain the ideal temperature.

Rely On Remodelocity For All Your Energy-Efficient Kitchen
Remodeling Needs In Montgomery County, PA

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