History of the Sunroom // Different Names For Patios (Sunrooms, Florida Rooms, etc.)

June 13, 2022

Sunrooms: From Ancient China To The
Modern Delaware Valley Home

A Brief History Of The Sunroom

Sunrooms are great rooms to have in your Delaware Valley home. They offer all the benefits of being outside without the hassle of bugs and dealing with the weather. Your sunroom allows you to view nature from the comfort of your favorite lounger. But have you ever stopped to wonder where the concept for the sunroom came from?

Ancient China

In 6,000 BCE, the concept of the first sunroom arose. Homes were strategically built to face the southern sun. Eventually, whole cities were built facing the south.

13th – 15th Century Italy

Botanical gardens similar to modern-day greenhouses were built in Italy in 1201. They were used as a place to preserve the flora and fauna that the explorers brought back. The technology even spread to Korea.

Like modern-day sunrooms, these gardens offered excellent support for plant life as well as a natural, peaceful place to relieve stress.

17th Century England

With glass becoming more common, these greenhouses had windows added to allow more sunlight to enter. Windows provided better heat transfer as well as stability in the internal temperature of the room. This was perfect for the growth of plants as well as capturing heat.

20th Century

Modern-day sunrooms took off with their popularity following World War II. Even now, sunrooms provide a bright room to relax in or to grow your plants. They’re excellent additions to a home to allow natural lighting in and can be used year-round.

Today, one in five homes has a sunroom. Not only do they give you a place to relax, but they also increase your property value.

Sunroom Architecture

Throughout history, the sunroom has maintained a standard architecture. It’s a three-walled structure that has a large number of windows attached to the side of a house. Some sunrooms were originally screened in porches before the popularity of glass.

Different Names For Sunrooms

Over the years, sunrooms have been called by many different names. All of them equate to a bright, sunny, and soothing room.


The term solarium refers specifically to the type of sunroom that is made entirely of glass. Not only do they provide completely unobstructed views of nature, but they allow for easy stargazing on clear nights. Sunrooms can be set up with their own heating and cooling system, maximizing comfortable year-round use.

Four-Season Room

A four-season room is designed to be heated and cooled year-round. It extends your home’s living space, allowing you more room for entertaining while not having to worry about bad weather.

Three-Season Room

More cost-effective than a four-season room, a three-season room offers enjoyment for three seasons out of the year. It is not designed with heating or cooling units, making it ideal for spring, summer, and fall. If you live in the south, you may get to use this room in the winter as well.

Florida Room

Florida rooms are typically attached to the back of your house and are designed to allow as much light in as possible. Additionally, they are designed with screen windows so that you can let fresh air in with the sunlight.

Enclosed Patio

Just what it sounds like, an enclosed patio is a patio with a sunroom built around it. It’s screened in to prevent bugs and other pests from entering. It’s a great way to protect your patio furniture.

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