Is a Kitchen Island Sink A Good Idea For Your Space? Here’s How To Decide

November 18, 2022

Is A Kitchen Island Sink A Good Idea For
Your Space In Philadelphia, PA?

Here’s How To Decide If A Kitchen Island
Sink Is Right For You

When redesigning your Philadelphia, PA, home’s kitchen during a remodel, there are some extras you may be considering, such as whether to add a sink to your kitchen island. While it can add a high convenience to your everyday life, it can also add increased costs to your kitchen remodel.

When planning your project, consider these factors when deciding whether to add this feature to your new kitchen layout.

Your Kitchen Is An Open Concept Design

In many traditional kitchens, the sink is underneath a row of cabinets, offering a view of the wall, which can be pretty boring for the person doing the dishes. Other options feature a window view, which is nicer, but your back is still to anyone in the room.

Placing the sink in the kitchen island will allow you to wash dishes or complete your prep work while facing your companions. If you have an open concept design, you can also interact with whoever is in the adjacent room instead of staring down the backsplash.

You Use Your Island As Your Workstation

A kitchen island is fantastic because of its extra counter space when preparing meals. Adding a sink to it can improve its functionality by allowing you to remain in one spot instead of going back and forth as you need water.

While considering this, look at how it works into your work triangle. You should be able to quickly move from the fridge to the sink to the stove. If you can’t achieve the triangle with a traditional setup, you may want to add a sink to your island to improve what you can get done while cooking with less time and effort.

The Visibility Of The Mess

If your island sink is going to be your only sink, you should also consider how it will look throughout the day as it collects dirty dishes. As the island is a centerpiece of the kitchen, the sink will draw the eye more than it would on an exterior wall. If you have an open concept kitchen, the collection of dishes will also be visible from other rooms.

An alternative solution is to choose a different style of island. While you would be sacrificing seating, you could opt for a design with a wall behind the sink. This setup would block the sink from the view of the rest of the room. Additionally, the wall is not so high that it would interfere with your perspective as you use the sink.

One Or Two Sinks

A kitchen island sink does not have to be the only sink in your kitchen. You can have a main sink along one of the exterior walls and add one for prep purposes to the island. Also, if you can’t geometrically create the work triangle, you can add a second one to the island to ensure you have the ideal setup in your kitchen.

A Sink Takes Away From Available Counter Space

If you spend a lot of time gathering in the kitchen or using the island as the main seating area, you will have to consider how much space the sink you want will take up. You will lose valuable counter space no matter how small it is, potentially impacting how many place settings you can have. While you will gain the use of a sink, you will also lose prep space.

Additional Expenses

Finally, you will want to consider how much more money it will add to your total kitchen remodel budget to add a sink to your island. In addition to installation, you will have to factor in running the plumbing. Finding a kitchen remodeler skilled at plumbing services will lower the project’s cost because you won’t need to involve another contractor.

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