Kitchen Remodeling Styles For Your
Delaware Valley Home

August 8, 2022

With All These Options To Choose From, Your Kitchen Will
Be Anything But Boring!

Are you planning on remodeling the kitchen in your Delaware Valley home but don’t know what style options to choose? The kitchen is the heart of the home and where the family gathers. Choosing the wrong style can really put a damper on how everyone feels about the space.

With so many types of kitchen styles available, it can be hard to decide which is the right one for your home. You can use this guide to help you make the best decision for your kitchen remodel.

Country Farmhouse

Even if you live right in the middle of the city, a country kitchen will let you feel like you’ve gone on a weekend getaway every time you step inside. The combination of farmhouse tables, furniture-like cabinets, and eclectic finishes will provide you with a beautiful, lived-in look. Mixing colors instead of matching them is the way to go in this style of kitchen.


White or cream cabinets, simple details, and black accents define this kitchen style. You’ll find a simple, clean look that allows you to personalize it with decorative elements to make it your own space. Adding finishes like lighting will add personality and charm to this sleek kitchen design.


If you like keeping clutter to a minimum, a modern kitchen is for you. Surfaces are reflective, and materials are high-tech in this kitchen style. Sleek and simple hardware is often used to add a no-frills touch of luxury.

Cottage Charm

Cottage-style kitchens will make your space feel inviting and welcoming, whether small or large. They feature homespun touches and imperfect finishes, often showcasing offbeat art and collectibles. Cottage-style kitchens are the perfect match for high-end appliances in either white or a retro-style colorway.


Coastal-style kitchens feature soothing colors, including cool blues, light beige, soft pinks, and seafoam green. Whites and creams are the predominant base color, used to create a calming atmosphere. Wicker seating, light window treatments, and backsplashes featuring beach scenes are all common elements of this type of kitchen.


The contemporary kitchen is a combination of old and casual with new and polished. Modern cooking equipment, a wide-open space, and comfortable seating are all typically found with this style. Frameless cabinets and simple hardware are two features you are likely to find in contemporary-style kitchens.

French Country Or Mediterranean

To recreate the ambiance of a small hotel in the South of France, you’ll need fabrics with tones like russet, ochre, and cobalt, along with warm-toned wooden cabinets and handmade ceramic accessories. Complete the look with copper pots and rough-hewn textures.

Old World

An Old World design will allow you to wrap your kitchen in history and luxury. You’ll complete the look with stone floors, dark mahogany finishes with lots of details, and countertops with bullnose edges. It will be like time traveling whenever you cook a meal.


Traditional kitchens feature balance and symmetry where nothing is too loud or too modern, and every element complements the next. You’ll have details like arches, corbels, decorative moldings, and antique finishes. Everything will have the mark of your own personal style.


This has become one of the most popular kitchen styles. It is even more well-loved than the classic white kitchen. This type features distressed or reclaimed wooden materials, which most often include cabinets, flooring, kitchen hoods, and ceilings.

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