Minimizing Stress During Your Kitchen Remodel

September 16, 2022

Minimizing Stress During Your Philadelphia
Home’s Kitchen Remodel

How To Stay Calm, Cool, And Collected While Your Kitchen
Is Torn Apart

Are you planning on getting your Philadelphia home’s kitchen remodeled? While you’re most likely very excited about revamping your space, you might be worried about what’s going to happen during the project. There are plenty of horror stories about remodels gone wrong. If you follow these tips, you’ll stay stress-free from start to finish for your kitchen remodel.

Hire The Right Company

The number one thing you can do to ensure you stay stress-free during your kitchen remodel is to hire the right company. You want a company that will take care of you and genuinely wants what you want.

Don’t settle for a company that tells you what you want. You’ll just end up dissatisfied in the end and really stressed out due to spending a lot of money on something you hate. Review your options very carefully before you invest in a company’s services.

Have A Solid Plan

You need to establish your budget when you plan your project as well as express your desires for the design. This way, you will have everything laid out and know exactly what the costs are. You can even set aside emergency money to prepare for the unexpected along the way.

If you skip this step and something comes up during the remodel, you’re going to have a lot of stressful moments to deal with as you try to fix a problem on the fly.

You also need to have a food budget or a plan for how you will prepare meals. If you’re going to be eating out for all of your meals, money will need to be set aside for that as well. To be able to cook, you will need a plan for a makeshift kitchen.

Embrace The Chaos

It’s a remodel, and things are going to get messy – there is absolutely no way around this fact. To be less stressed about the mess, you just need to accept that it’s happening and move on. If you’ve hired a reliable, reputable company to complete your kitchen remodel, you’ll never know there was a mess when they’re done anyway.

Communicate Well With Your Contractor

You will want to establish good communication with your contractor before construction begins and continue it during the project. Before the project starts, make sure you ask good questions, including:

  • Where will they store the materials?
  • How will they dispose of debris?
  • What door will they need access to?
  • What bathroom will they use?
  • What are the crew’s working hours?
  • Who will be the primary contact?
  • What are the special considerations for children, pets, and security?

If you need something done that your contractor doesn’t know about, you have to mention it. The two of you will need to talk through the changes this will make to your project, including cost, schedule, and materials. However, this is one of the most important remodels you will ever get, so it must be done how you want it done.

Focus On Your Routine

Your kitchen may be your home’s favorite room, and now it’s temporarily off-limits. However, many other aspects of your daily routine are unaffected by this remodel. If you choose to focus on them, you can bring some normalcy back into your life.

By keeping your eye on the things you have control over, you can maintain a lower level of stress by not thinking about the chaos in your home. It can help you remember that it’s a temporary situation that’s going to have a very happy ending.

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