Mistakes to Avoid During Bathroom Remodel

May 16, 2022

10 Mistakes To Avoid During A Bathroom Remodel
In The Philadelphia Area

Are You Thinking Of Doing A Full Bathroom Remodel?
Make Sure You Avoid These Common Mistakes

Are you a Philadelphia homeowner considering bathroom remodeling? Just thinking about going through the process can be a headache. Finding a contractor, getting a quote, going without the bathroom, and dealing with the mess can all cause you a lot of stress. To make things run more smoothly, you’ll want to avoid as many mishaps as possible. There are ten major mistakes that you can easily avoid with some proper planning.

1. Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in a bathroom. It is the steamiest room in your house. If you have wallpaper, it is even more critical. Without ventilation, the room is more likely to have mold growth on the walls and ceiling.

2. Incorrect Lighting

Having too much or too little lighting will throw off the balance of your newly remodeled bathroom. You will want to be able to see what you are doing, but you will not want the lights to be blinding.

3. Installing The Wrong Flooring

For the flooring, you will need to select an option that is sealed and sheds water. Anything that absorbs water will eventually decay. Additionally, these types of flooring will allow the underlying structure of subflooring, underlayment, and joists to be damaged by water.

4. Overfilling A Small Space

You will need to ensure that everything fits well together in the space you have available. If you overfill the bathroom, it will be uncomfortable to use as you will be bumping into fixtures every time you go in it. If the room is small, opt for smaller fixtures.

5. Insufficient Storage

Every bathroom needs storage. Whether it’s towels or toilet paper, you will need cabinets. You need to make sure that you plan ahead for this and that you have enough storage for all of your needs. Taking care of this during the remodel will save you money down the road, preventing you from having to do a retrofit to install storage later.

6. Losing A Bathtub

If you only have one bathtub in your house, don’t get rid of it. This will actually decrease the value of your property. If you plan on selling the house in the future, it may be harder to sell without the tub. Instead, consider an over-the-tub shower.

7. Saving Money On The Wrong Things

You should not try to save money by cutting back expenses on necessary things. If you don’t have experience grouting, leave it to an expert and pay for the service. Don’t try to skimp on the expense and do it yourself. Things like this take experience and you don’t want to shortchange your remodel to try and save a couple dollars.

8. Unsuitable Materials

The correct materials need to be used during bathroom remodeling. Ideal materials will shed water, not absorb it. Everything should be practical, hygienic, hardwearing, and easy to clean. Your sink and tub should be made of easy-to-clean materials like ceramic. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Installing a shower door that is made of glass can also be beneficial as it is easier to maintain than the standard shower curtain. You will not want to use texture materials that can trap bacteria and soap scum.

9. Poor Drainage

If your pipes don’t drain right, you could be in a world of trouble. When planning your bathroom remodeling project, you need to ensure that your drainage is taken into account. Most likely, you will want to consult with an expert for this.

Moving the layout around in the bathroom can be very expensive and difficult. Moving the toilet can be nearly impossible due to the piping required for the movement of waste out of the house. Not planning layout movements correctly can really put a snafu in your remodel, taking up valuable time and resources.

10. Doing It All Yourself

Doing your bathroom remodel completely on your own can be one of the biggest mistakes you make during the entire process. There are a lot of intricate parts to the process that require a professional’s expertise. Trying to save money by doing things on your own may end up costing you more money in the end when you have to call in the professionals to fix the mistakes you made.

We’re Different From The Other Guys

At Remodelocity, we can have a basic remodel completed within 5-12 days and a complex remodel completed within 10-15 days. When we set a timeline, we stick to it.

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Our Core Values set us apart from all of the other Philadelphia remodeling companies.

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At Remodelocity, we only do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t try to ingratiate ourselves with our customers or try to look good.

We Put Ourselves In Our Customer’s Shoes

We picture ourselves in our customer’s place – excited, nervous, eager – and it becomes easy for us to relate to them as people. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we are able to make the best decisions for our customers.

When We Mess Up, We Own It

If something goes wrong, there will be no excuses or finger-pointing. We will take care of the problem as fast as possible.

When You Need Us, We’re There For You – No Excuses

If you’re unhappy with how your installation turned out, you’ll hear from us ASAP. If you need your remodeling project done before a certain date, you can bet that we will be completely finished by then. If you suddenly realize that you don’t like the product you’ve selected, we will get to work finding something that you do love. Whatever you need, we will be there for you.

We Do Not Use Subcontractors

At Remodelocity, we do not use subcontractors for the installation of the base, wall and pantry cabinets and for carpentry work. All of our contractors are full employees.  This means that all the liability is on us, not you.  Our employees know that we only do work the right way, never sloppily or haphazardly. Licensed master plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialists are used in accordance with state and local regulations.

Our Focus Is Our Customers’ Happiness

Our focus is our customers’ happiness, not our profits.  Most companies are focused on how they can make more money, but all we care about is satisfying the needs of our customers.  We are obsessed with improving the customer experience.

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