Questions To Ask A Contractor Before Hiring

May 19, 2022

Questions To Ask A Contractor Before Hiring In Philadelphia

When Considering A Remodel, Make Sure You Ask Your Contractor These 15 Questions Before Hiring

Choosing a contractor is an important step in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process.  If you’re a homeowner in Philadelphia and considering having your bathroom or kitchen redone, there are 15 important questions that you need to ask the contractor before hiring. Not asking these questions can really leave you in a bind down the road.  Getting this information up front is a critical step in the remodeling process.

1. How Long Have You Been In This Business?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you will want to ask your potential home contractor is how long they have been in this business. You will not want to employ someone who just started yesterday. However, you may find someone who just recently opened their business but has years of experience in the industry.

2. Do You Have A Contracting License?

You will need to ensure that the contractor has all the necessary credentials to operate in the area you are hiring for. For instance, if you are hiring for a bathroom remodeler, you do not want someone who has a license for roofing.

3. Can I See Your Certificate Of Insurance?

Viewing the contractor’s insurance will provide you proof that they have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. If you choose a contractor who is not properly insured, the liability will fall back on you. This means if there is an accident or a problem, you will be paying high out-of-pocket costs to rectify the situation.

4. Will You Obtain The Permits And Set Up The Inspections Required For This Job?

Depending on the project you are hiring for, there may be permits and inspections required. Your contractor should be familiar with what is required, how to get them, and be willing to get them for you.

5. What Is Our Timeline For Completion?

It’s very important from the start of every kitchen or bathroom remodel to know what the expected timeline for completion is. You don’t want to give the contractor an open calendar for when the work will be completed. A reasonable estimate of the installation process timeline is needed.

6. What Is The Payment Schedule?

You should never pay upfront for all of the contracting services. If you pay for everything upfront, there may be disputes about what work was due and when it was due. You’ll want to set up a schedule so you know exactly what is due and when it is due based on what work is expected to be completed. This way you and the contractor have the same expectations.

7. What Is Your Working Day Like?

It’s important to know what time construction will begin and when it will end each day. This way, you will know when to expect contractors at your home. You will be able to plan your life around the activities at your house. Additionally, you will want to know if it is a specific team of contractors dedicated to the project at your home.

8. How Will You Clean Up At The End Of The Day?

Another important question is how the crew will clean up each day. You don’t want to be left with a mess that you have to work around. You will need to know how they will store their equipment and any materials related to the job.

9. What Steps Will You Take To Protect My Property?

How is the crew going to protect your property? They should be willing to take certain measures to protect your property, like covering your large furniture or other areas not involved in the work area that may be affected.

10. How Will Additional Charges Be Handled?

Sometimes over the course of a project, additional problems arise. With these problems come additional charges. You will need to know in advance how these charges will affect the total outcome of your project financially.

11. What Is Your Warranty?

You need to be familiar with the warranty offered by the contractor. Does it only cover the services offered, or does it also cover the materials used? You need to know if they will come back to fix defects that could arise down the road.

12. What Is The Process For Resolving Disputes?

Occasionally, disputes between contractors and homeowners do come up. Asking this question will let you know whether the contractor is prepared to handle one of these situations. Just because they admit to having previous disputes does not necessarily indicate a red flag. As long as they have handled the situations appropriately, everything is fine.

13. Is Your Bid A Fixed Price Or An Estimate?

Some contractors treat bids like estimates, stating that there are too many unknowns to offer a fixed price. You will need to get them to take the unknowns out of the equation to come as close as possible to offering you a fixed price. Without a fixed price, you will not know if you are truly selecting the best deal.

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When it comes to deciding what goes into your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, your thoughts and ideas are what matter.  It’s your house and your vision.

We listen to you and make a mental picture of what you want.  Then we look for the products and materials that you specifically need.  We check in with you to see if there is anything else that you think would work better.  Finally, we constantly check with you for feedback to see if there is anything we could be doing to better suit your needs.

Offering unlimited options for you to choose from, we know there is no cookie-cutter solution to making your remodel a success.  This is why we do not limit you from choosing whatever materials you want from whoever you want.

This makes our job harder but at the same time more rewarding. It takes more effort on our part to find the perfect pieces to satisfy our customers because we have so many to choose from. However, at the end of the day, because we have so many options, we are able to find the best solutions.

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