Small Kitchen? Remodeling Tips That Can Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

June 2, 2022

4 Ways To Make Your Small Philadelphia
Kitchen Seem Bigger

Do You Have A Small Kitchen? Use These
Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Make Your
Space Seem Bigger

Having a small kitchen in your Philadelphia home can be efficient, but it can also make you feel cramped. While everything is in one spot and easily accessible, you get left feeling stuck with nowhere to move. Are you looking for ways to open up your tiny space? Check out these four kitchen remodeling ideas to help enlarge your small room.

1. Use Color To Open The Space Up

White kitchens have been trending for the last few years and aren’t going anywhere. The color will reflect all the light around the room. This gives the illusion of having a larger room.

If white isn’t the color for you, try lighter tones of yellow, green, or beige. Yellow is bright like a sunny day, while green symbolizes the natural world, and both colors will help give the illusion that your space is bigger than it is.

Adding geometric patterns in moderation is another great idea. These patterns will draw your attention vertically or down the length of the room to give the impression that the room is taller or longer. When planning your remodel, if you choose to use geometric patterns, don’t use too many or you can overcrowd the space.

2. Be Selective With Your Elements

Plan to use see-through elements when planning your remodel. These include features such as floating island, bar counters, and glass pendant lighting. By not obstructing the path of vision, you will give the impression that the room continues.

Also, your kitchen can feel bigger if you use reflective surfaces. For example, you can add mirrors to the walls when your remodel is complete. You can also choose materials like glass tiles, stainless steel appliances, shiny floors, glossy cabinets, and high-gloss paint.

When changing your hood out, select a slender option. Minimalist vent hoods, for instance, provide a cleaner, lighter look, which is a bonus for a small kitchen.

3. Restructure The Walls

Depending on the layout of your home and what your remodel plans are, you can consider adding a door between your kitchen and your patio. If you have a galley kitchen, this will really open the space up.

Additionally, you may be able to take down an interior wall that’s adjacent to your kitchen. If nothing else, this will give the feel of more space because the wall is gone and is not obstructing your vision. Taking the wall down may also give you some extra square footage that you can apply to expand your current kitchen.

4. Enhance The Storage Options

A cluttered kitchen will seem small no matter what you do. During your remodel, ensure that you have planned to add enough storage space so that everything has a home. You can even consider an appliance garage that will conceal your small appliances like the coffeemaker.

Open shelving is an option as well. By not having a solid front, these shelves will give the impression that the wall is farther away.

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