Senior Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

September 23, 2022

Senior-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas For
Your Philadelphia Home

How To Design A Kitchen Of The Future

When you have an elderly family member, their safety in the kitchen can be a real concern. Luckily, there are several kitchen remodel ideas to make your Philadelphia home’s kitchen senior-friendly without sacrificing style. Your loved ones will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they can operate within the kitchen safely.


Update Your Lighting

Accidents are more likely to happen for seniors in spaces that are not well lit. You’ll want to ensure there is adequate lighting that is easy to use. Start by swapping out your traditional light switches for rocker light switches that are designed for the whole hand and are much easier to use.

Replace any old light bulbs with LED bulbs to provide the best lighting option that won’t be harsh on the eyes. Another great idea is to install task lighting in darker areas like over the sink, below upper cabinets, and in storage spaces.

Accessible Storage Options

An innovative solution to storage needs is to install a pull-out pantry. This option will allow for easy access to stored items without having to shuffle them around. Additionally, it will put less strain on your loved one’s back and legs.

You’ll also want to create storage options that allow you to keep your pots and pans in easy reach, roughly between waist and shoulder height. The less a family member has to crouch and bend, the better it is on them physically and for their safety.

Make Handles And Knobs Easier To Use

If your senior family member is suffering from arthritis, traditional drawer pulls may be very uncomfortable to use. Alternatively, you can use wide drawer pulls to make it easier to access the drawers. There are also convenient push options where you can press the drawer, and a mechanism will release, opening it.

The same applies to the faucet, which can be hard to use if it has twist knobs. You can upgrade to lever-style handles that make turning the water on and off a breeze. There are even options for motion sensor controls, which will also eliminate the possibility of forgetting to turn off the water.

Use Contrasting Colors

When you’re updating your kitchen for someone who has dementia or failing eyesight, it’s important to use contrasting colors. Marking the off position on the stove knobs is a great way to ensure that burners do not get left on. Having the countertops in certain colors will help differentiate them from items being placed on top of them.

Round Out The Edges

Don’t use full square edges on your corners. Instead, round them out. This will prevent injuries from accidentally bumping into them, and your senior family member will be less likely to experience bumps and bruises from these rounded edges.

Place The Sink Close To The Stove

It can be difficult to transport pots of liquid to and from the sink, so when you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to move your sink as close as possible to your stove to make things more convenient for your elder family members. Make sure you leave a workspace between the two so that there is a place to set the pot down when needed.

Choose A Shallow Sink

A deeper sink will be harder for your senior family member to use. Shallow sinks allow for easy rinsing of vegetables and washing of dishes. Six to eight inches is an ideal depth to allow for maximum comfort when performing these tasks.

Keep The Microwave At Or Below Counter Height

The best place for the microwave is at counter height. This makes it the most accessible with no bending or reaching necessary. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice your counter space, the next best place is just below counter height. It’s easier to reach down with a plate than it is to stretch up.

Opt For Drawers, Not Doors

Drawers pull out, allowing access to the back without any bending, stooping, or stretching. Cabinets, on the other hand, require all of those things. To make things the most comfortable for your senior family member, choose to use drawers instead of doors.

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