Smart Kitchen Ideas (AI, Smart Fridge, etc.)

June 9, 2022

Smart Kitchen Ideas For Your
Philadelphia Area Home

Advancing Your Kitchen Has Never Been So Easy!

You have a smartphone, a smartwatch, and maybe even a smart washing machine. But have you thought about smart appliances for your kitchen? With all of the available technology, you can have a fully connected setup for your Philadelphia kitchen in no time. From appliances to accessories, there’s something for everyone.

Smart Appliances

One of the most important aspects of a smart kitchen is its appliances. Nearly every appliance you can think of has a smart counterpart.

Smart fridges come with a variety of options and features. Several offer voice control that will play music or even order food. Some even feature built-in cameras that allow you to see the contents of the refrigerator from wherever you are.

When it comes to cooking, you can select a smart oven. This gem will allow you to preheat from your phone and if you forgot to turn it off, you have remote access from anywhere!

Don’t forget your microwave! You can even upgrade this appliance to have smart features. You can get one that connects to a device like Alexa. In addition to using it for easy programming, you can reorder your popcorn at a discount!

You can choose a dishwasher that automatically opens at the end of the cycle, allowing air to circulate throughout the tub. It also features remote monitoring capabilities.

Smart Accessories

In addition to all of the great smart appliances available, there are several connected home devices to really ramp up your kitchen technology.

With Amazon’s Alexa, you can set up your devices to respond to voice control. It also offers access to streaming services like music to liven up your kitchen experience. If you need a recipe, it’s just a request away.

Another alternative is Google Connected Home. The Google Nest offers a great display for when you want to bring up a recipe you’ve requested. With its quick response, you’ll be treated to several options to choose from. It makes cooking so much more intuitive.

Why You Should Consider A Smart Kitchen

There are so many benefits that having a smart kitchen can provide to make your life so much easier.

Useful Notifications

Did you know smart appliances provide useful notifications? If you forgot and left your fridge door open, it will send you an alert. Your smart oven will notify you when the cook cycle is over. All your smart appliances can be monitored on your smartphone, making for a seamless connection.


While smart appliances may cost a little more upfront, in the long run you’ll see the savings start to rack up. With regular appliances, you may never know when your dishwasher doesn’t heat up to a normal working temperature or that your kids changed the temperature on the fridge.

Remote Monitoring And Control

With smart appliances, you can monitor everything from your phone, saving yourself a ton of money as you find problems as they arise. The investment in the technology and software that’s integrated into the appliances is well worth the money you’ll spend.

If you’ve left the house and you’re worried you left something on at home, it’s no problem at all with smart appliances! You have access to them wherever you are and can check on their status, making sure everything is safe at the house.

Your appliances won’t be able to cook for you but they can tell you what’s available in the fridge and your smart oven can monitor how well your meal is cooked. Your oven can even shift into warming mode for you automatically. The whole process no longer needs to be monitored from start to finish. You can also use your phone to keep track of how things are going.

Combine With Smart Accessories

With smart accessories, the option of hands-free cooking becomes available. You can direct Alexa to run the microwave for you. Of course, this will require a special microwave that is Alexa-compatible but it is a pretty neat choice.

Need To Revamp Your Space To Make Room For Your

Smart Appliances? Leave It To The Pros

If you’re going to upgrade all of your appliances, why not refresh your space with a kitchen remodel? Give your room that fresh new feeling to match your shiny new technology!

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So if you’re ready to upgrade that old kitchen into a technologically-advanced dream, call the Philadelphia kitchen remodeling experts.

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