So… You Know How You Never Know Where Your Contractor Is Or What He’s Doing?

September 15, 2021

We’re The Delaware Valley Remodeling Company That Is The EXACT Opposite

Contractors are famous — or more accurately, infamous — for being all-time winners of hide and seek. They’re always coming and going, rushing off somewhere or from somewhere and dealing with ‘urgent’ situations.

All this drama makes them seem intimidating and unapproachable, and here’s something you might not know – it’s NOT accidental. Many contractors intentionally keep their clients in the dark because this way they can breathe easier.

They don’t need to provide an explanation for delays and product shortages.

They don’t need to be accountable for every missing screw and every employee who gives you the creeps.

They don’t have to give you unpleasant news like your bathroom won’t be done for another month because they’re busy with a huge kitchen renovation across town.

Most of all, they don’t have to get personally involved in your happiness with the remodeling project. They come. They go. They do what you ask (mostly). And when the project is (mostly) done, they’re gone — for good.

Playing Hide & Seek With Customers Is Just Plain WRONG For So Many Reasons

  1. If you’re a contractor, it’s literally your JOB to keep tabs on your projects, make sure your employees are doing everything right, and try your hardest to make the customers happy.
    At Remodelocity, if you drop the ball in ANY of these areas – we let you know that you’re not doing the job you were hired to do. There’s no way to sugarcoat that. Read about our strict workmanship standards.
  2. The best and ONLY way to stop minor issues from spiraling out of control is to nip them in the bud. This means tackling the issue of your worker who always shows up an hour late before the project is weeks behind schedule, the customer is ready to pull the plug and demand a refund, and your employee is threatening to quit.

    That’s why we’re hell-bent on finding out about EVERY little detail of your project as it’s happening. Not after. Our app lets you shoot us a message about anything, and we’ll see it instantly. It doesn’t matter how small of a deal it is – we want to know about it.

    We see you. We respect you. And because of that, we do everything we can to make your project a success.

  3. There’s absolutely no way to hold up a rock-solid warranty if you’re not on top of every single aspect of the project. The quality of the product, the installation, your employees, and your communication determines the overall caliber of your remodeling project. If ANY one of these areas is neglected, there WILL be fault-lines in your project that will rear their ugly heads sooner or later. There’s no way to warranty that kind of work without losing thousands of dollars.

    We have a LIFETIME NON-PRORATED WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE. That we hold up every time. Because we can.

    Everything we do is a byproduct of our core values. Read about them to find out more about who we are.

Experience This For Yourself

If a remodeling contractor with great communication and accountability seems like a laughable oxymoron to you, we invite you to see for yourself how we do things.