Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

May 23, 2022

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
For Your Philadelphia Home

14 Steps To Make Your Home Ready For Spring

Springtime is a time of rejuvenation for nature and if you’re like most people, your house. Bringing in the new year with refreshed surroundings will brighten your spirits. If you’re a Philadelphia homeowner, you can follow this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist to refresh your home. It will make getting through all the updates and repairs a whole lot easier.

1. Check And Repair Your Roof

One of the most important things you can do during a spring refresh is to check the status of your roof.  After the harsh northern winters, a lot of damage can be done to the shingles.  If you find any damage, you will want to have your roof repaired quickly before any serious internal damage can happen.

2. Consider Upgrades

Are your appliances getting old? It might be time to replace them. Consider getting upgrades for those less efficient models.

You can also consider upgrading your insulation, doors, and windows. This will help keep your energy costs lower.

3. Refresh The Kitchen

If your kitchen is feeling a little dated, it may be the perfect time for a kitchen remodel.  Reconfigure your entire kitchen for a fresh feel.  Home is where the kitchen is, so make the most out of your remodel.

4. Remodel Your Bathroom

Redesign your bathroom so that it is more comfortable and a place where you can wind down after a long day at work.  Get rid of your old fixtures and refresh the entire space.

5. Consider An Addition

If space is a problem, consider getting an addition.  Adding on to your home can add space that will help reduce your clutter.

6. Inspect Your Siding Or Paint

Now that the harsh winter is over, you’ll want to make sure your paint or siding has made it through unscathed. If there has been any damage, the wood of your home is at risk from the spring rains. You’ll need to get the paint or siding repaired before the rains hit.

7. Check Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You should check the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You want these devices to always be in good working order to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

8. Remove Dead Plants From Your Yard

Dead plants need to be removed for several reasons. First, removing them allows new plant life to grow. Second, they’re an eyesore. Third, they’re a fire hazard.

9. Repair Gutters

Broken or messy gutters can cause roof damage and flooding. You need to make sure your gutters are cleaned out and not broken. If there is any damage, you’ll want to get it repaired right away.

10. Service Your Air Conditioner And Furnace

Your AC has most likely been off all winter, so it’s best if you clean it before you turn it on again. Make sure to clean around the outside unit as well to make sure that it is able to operate with no obstructions. It’s also a good idea to clean your furnace to remove the buildup from running all winter.

11. Inspect The Concrete

The concrete on your property may have sustained damage from the snow and ice throughout the winter. Look for any cracks that you can seal with silicone caulk or concrete fillers. If the cracks are significant, consider replacing the concrete completely.

12. Repair And Reseal Woodwork

Repair any damage to wooden fences. Use a pressure washer to revitalize tired wood. Then use wood oils and wood preserves to protect the wood. Repairing and resealing will make your fence look new while preventing rot, mold, and decay.

13. Inspect Your Windows And Doors

You should make sure any weatherstripping you’ve added to the windows and doors is still intact. Clean the glass on all the windows, paying attention to the caulking so that you do not damage it.

14. Inspect And Replace Screens

Inspect all the screens on the doors and windows for damage. If you find any that have damage, either replace or repair the screen to prevent bugs from entering your home.

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