The Delaware Valley Remodeling Company That Gives A $&!#

September 15, 2021

Our Secret Weapon Is That We CARE

Too many things are easy to fake.

You can fake a smile.

You can fake liking someone.

You can fake politeness.

You can even fake interest.

But you can’t fake REALLY CARING.

You either care or you don’t. And if you don’t…well, you probably won’t be working for us.

We Screen Our Employees For The ‘Caring’ Gene

No matter how much training or experience a potential employee has, it all boils down to one thing: do they or do they not possess the ‘caring’ gene?

And by that we mean:

  • Are they only working for the money, or do they actually care about the customers?
  • Is it all about THEM, or do they have compassion for other people?
  • If something goes wrong, will they do anything they can to escape blame, or will they genuinely try to fix the situation?
  • Will they treat the customers’ homes and families with respect, patience, and kindness?
  • Will they do everything they can to make the remodeling process as stress-free and worry-free as possible for the customer?

You can figure out A LOT about a person if you are able to find out the answers to these questions. Our entire hiring process – from the initial interview to the final meeting – is designed to help us sort out the good apples from the bad apples.

We Treat Our Employees Like People And They Treat Our Customers Like People

It goes hand in hand. People who are respected, valued, trusted, and spoken to without condescension will treat others the same way. When someone is overworked, underpaid, stressed, and unappreciated, they lack the emotional and mental energy to show kindness.

We know that no one is perfect and we don’t try to mold our employees into perfect automatons. We let them be who they are, accept them for who they are, and appreciate their unique differences.

Cake for your birthday (or a fruit tart if you’re gluten free) is a given – because you’re a special and valuable person, and we’re glad you were born.

We also realize that everyone has someone they care about – spouses, children, grandkids, siblings – and they are a hugely important part of life. For our holiday party we invited all the employees and their kids and grandkids. Santa showed up and gave everyone Christmas presents.

These are the kinds of things we do, not to make our employees stay, but because we actually care about them as people. And in turn, they treat every single one of our customers like a person deserving of respect and kindness.