Things To Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Sink

November 25, 2022

6 Things To Consider When Choosing A
Kitchen Sink In Philadelphia, PA

How To Make An Investment In Functionality

Choosing a kitchen sink is a serious decision when remodeling your Philadelphia, PA, home’s kitchen. Your choice can alter the room’s complete functionality and appearance. With all the options on the market, you might wonder how you should go about making a decision.

We’ve narrowed it down to six things you should consider when choosing a kitchen sink. It will be one less obstacle to worry about in your kitchen remodel process.


1. Choosing A Sink Material

One of the first things you will need to consider is what type of material you want for your new sink. While you want it to look great like the rest of your kitchen, you have to factor in cost, durability, frequency of use, and ease of cleaning.

The most commonly used materials include porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, and composite granite. Each offers different levels of cleaning requirements, so when you decide, you must be realistic about how often you plan to clean your new sink.

2. What Style Sink You Want

With several styles of sinks to choose from, you can express yourself fully with your selected option.

Farmhouse Or Apron Front

Farmhouse sinks have large, deep bowls designed to hold a lot of water. The front of the basin is exposed and can either be flush with the cabinets or overhang slightly.


A drop-in sink is installed by placing it in a precut hole in the countertop explicitly designed for it. This style sink offers easy installation and is often the most budget-friendly option.


With an undermount sink, the rim is concealed because of the way it is installed underneath the countertop. This type of sink typically requires a solid surface countertop, such as quartz or granite.


An integral sink is composed of the same material as the countertop. The fabrication makes the surfaces flow seamlessly from the counter to the sink. This type of sink tends to be on the higher end of the budget spectrum.

3. Determine Your Ideal Bowl Depth

Bowl depth can determine how comfortable using your kitchen sink is. If you’re on the shorter end of things, having a deep bowl can be challenging for washing your dishes. On the other hand, if you have a lot of large pots, a shallow bowl can make things more problematic when scrubbing them.

Also, if you choose to install a garbage disposal, you won’t be able to have a very deep bowl because of the size. Additionally, a deep bowl will mean less cabinet space for under-sink storage options.

4. The Size Of Your New Sink

Consider your kitchen’s overall size when deciding on your new sink size. An oversized farmhouse sink won’t overwhelm the space if you have a large kitchen. However, if you have a small kitchen, it would take over the entire room and look entirely out of place. Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, the larger the sink, the higher the price.

5. Choose The Number Of Bowls You Will Need

Take a moment and consider how you wash your dishes. Do you have a lot of large pots? Or do you collect a lot of dishes throughout the day?

One large bowl would suit you better if you have a considerable amount of large pots or enjoy having one undivided basin to work in when washing. On the other hand, if you need a place to collect dirty dishes while still being able to use the sink, you should select a double bowl sink.

If you need a lot of room and can accommodate the size, there are even triple bowl sinks that you can purchase with a small bowl in the middle of two larger bowls.

6. Will You Need To Make Cabinet Adjustments?

When selecting your new sink, you will need to factor in whether your existing cabinetry can sustain the sink’s weight when it is filled with water. If the sink you are considering will require changing or adjusting your cabinets, you may want to look at other options to keep costs down.

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