What a Kitchen Designer Can Do For You

October 17, 2022

What A Kitchen Designer Can Do For You
In Philadelphia, PA

Professional Vision To Make The Most Of Your New Kitchen

Planning a kitchen remodel for your Philadelphia, PA, home can be challenging if you’re trying to make all the decisions on your own. Enter the kitchen designer. This person can make your life so much easier throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process because they specialize in creating masterpieces from the visions their customers describe.

So, before you take the long, difficult road of planning on your own, consider these benefits of working with a kitchen designer.

A Personalized, One-Of-A-Kind Design Just For You

A kitchen remodeler can change your existing layout, but a kitchen designer can put special touches on it that make it exclusively yours. Their design will be based on how you plan to use the kitchen and how the room fits into your daily life.

Depending on your specific needs, they will create your work areas, gathering spaces, and storage areas. For instance, if you are always in the kitchen crafting some delicious creations, they will design the perfect kitchen for cooking. If it’s more about having a gathering place, they’ll structure it more for comfort and have that space for everyone to mingle.

Your presence will shine through the design because it’s about you and your style. It won’t be a cookie-cutter setup they use for everyone because the designer will take the time to get to know you and what you want.

They Know The Best Practices And What To Avoid

The typical homeowner will only remodel their kitchen once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. This doesn’t leave them with a lot of experience in the field, which means mistakes are easy to make because of a lack of knowledge.

A kitchen designer, however, plans kitchen remodels daily, so they have the experience necessary to tell you what’s a best practice and what’s best to avoid. They can spot something that will be a problem long before installation day.

If you have odd angles or sizes in your kitchen that you think you’ll have to deal with, they may have a solution you would never have thought of on your own.

You Will Have A Personal Style Guide

If you have a rough idea of the style you want, but it isn’t fully fleshed out, or you have too many ideas and can’t pull them together, this is where your kitchen designer will shine. They can take several ideas and put together an idea for you to consider for your new kitchen.

Many have the capabilities of creating 3D renderings to show you precisely what the design would look like, giving life to the images in your mind. Using this technology, you can work side by side to tweak the design until you have perfected the style you want for your new kitchen.

They Will Coordinate With Your Kitchen Remodeler

Kitchen designers come on board with the project long before construction begins and remain on site until the project is completed. This can be highly beneficial to you when you have to go to work. If the kitchen remodeler has questions for you, the designer can step in and handle any decisions that need to be made based on the planning the two of you have done.

They will oversee the work while you are out of the house and coordinate everything with the contractor.

Material Choices Will Be Guided

Many of the materials in big box stores are mediocre in quality. A kitchen designer knows where to find the highest quality products that meet your needs. This includes everything from the cabinets to the flooring.

You will need durable materials if you have a high-volume kitchen where everyone is always congregating. Your designer will also guide you in the right direction on this choice.

Don’t forget about the appliances. You’ll need to choose the correct finish that will match the rest of your kitchen, look great, and not go out of style. A kitchen designer will have all the details on trending, best-rated appliances and what styles will be sticking around.

You Will Have A Well-Lit Space

Lighting is essential in a kitchen – whether eating or washing the dishes, you need adequate lighting for the task at hand. Your kitchen designer will be able to advise you on the best lighting options for your space. They will choose all the lighting and then follow up with the electrician to ensure it is installed correctly.

Fresh Eyes Will Help You Envision A New Space

You’ve lived with your current kitchen for some time, and trying to envision a new space over it can be difficult. Having a fresh
set of eyes look at it can be helpful because they aren’t used to the room the way it is now.

A kitchen designer can look at your kitchen and see the future you want for it, helping to create the new space without the limitations you may have.

They Will Help You Maintain Your Budget

Kitchen designers are also excellent at sticking to a budget. They know how to stretch a dollar and find the best deals when they need to. When you first meet with your designer, let them know what you are working with and establish your limits. They will help ensure that you stick within your price range for your entire project.

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