What Is A “Luxury Bathroom Remodel” And What You Should Expect

May 30, 2022

What You Should Expect When Getting A
Luxury Bathroom Remodel In

What To Anticipate During Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Are you planning on upgrading your Philadelphia home with a bathroom remodel? Why not consider a luxury bathroom remodel instead? You can create the most relaxing and comfortable space imaginable. You might be wondering what goes into a remodel like this and what exactly you should expect.

What Is A Luxury Bathroom Remodel?

A luxury bathroom remodel will take your private space and make it opulent. When designing your space, you’ll need to consider both functionality and style.

For many generations, the bathroom has been considered a space where someone can go to relax and regain composure. It has long been a place for one to indulge oneself, and if you entered a bathroom and didn’t come out better for it, the bathroom failed at its purpose.

So back to your remodel. A luxury bathroom remodel will reshape your entire bathroom to be the most relaxing place in your house, whether that means a sumptuous bathtub, excellent views, or making it spacious.

Design Your Space

Before you undergo a bathroom remodel, you will need to know exactly what you want improved. Then you will need to carefully select your materials. You should expect to spend a significant amount of time on this step as you can’t easily undo what’s been remodeled.

If you’re working with a small space, you may have to expand. This could mean knocking down a wall to make more room. A few square feet can make all the difference and allow you to add that extremely relaxing tub you’ve been eyeing.

When adding extra space is not an option, you can consider changing the layout. This can open up the area that you have to work with, giving the illusion that you have more space.

Additionally, no one ever equated a cluttered space with luxury, so you will want to make sure that you have enough storage for everything you need in your bathroom. Keeping the counters clear and the bath space organized will keep up with the appearance that you are aiming for.

Bathrooms require a lot of light. You should include both natural and artificial light in your luxury bathroom remodel. A great contractor will help you pick out the right lighting for your space.

Another option to consider is layering your lighting. This setup will combine the three main types of lighting: accent, ambient, and task. These options will add more functionality and elevate the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Select Your Materials

The hardware you select is what adds the pizzazz to the final product. You will need to choose the right option for the most impact. The finishes on all of your hardware do not have to be the same, but the tone of each one must flow with the rest. Paying close attention to the details will bring out the luxury in this bathroom remodel.

Also, don’t settle for the same old fixtures. Add something special to your bathroom with ideas like a rain head shower fixture, a warming toilet seat, or even a jacuzzi. You’ll be making the space unique, adding to the calming and soothing effect you are seeking.

You should expect your luxury bathroom remodel to focus more on the fine details and finishes than a standard remodel. These details are what set apart luxury bathrooms from the rest. This can be anything from custom knobs on your cabinets to the metal you choose for your fixtures. This is how you really make your bathroom luxurious.

The Estimate

First, you will undergo an inspection to get an estimate. An expert from your preferred bathroom remodeling company will come and evaluate the scope of the project. They will consider all of the changes you want to make and determine if they are possible. Additionally, they will let you know if everything you want is within the capabilities of their company. Many companies offer this service free of charge.


A bathroom remodel can be expensive and paying out of pocket is not an option for most people. Don’t let this hold you back! Many companies offer financing options that will help you pay over time. It’s just a matter of some simple paperwork and being matched with a competitive lender.

Obtain Permits

You’ll need permits to have any construction done on your home. It’s important to find out whether your contractor is going to get them or if you’ll need to obtain the permits yourself. If your contractor gets them for you, be prepared to pay more for your bathroom remodel. Make sure the work doesn’t start until these permits are obtained.

The Demolition

The demolition phase of your bathroom remodel is the most uncomfortable part of the whole experience. You will have to deal with excess noise if you are home during the day while the contractors are working. If you have a small child or baby in the house, you will have to make accommodations for naptime.

The bathroom will be unavailable from this point on. If this is your only bathroom, the contractor will have to figure out a plan of action to keep the toilet functioning while working on the rest of the project. You will be responsible for finding alternative methods of bathing for the duration of the bathroom remodel.

Your old fixtures will be removed and your new ones brought in.

Be Prepared For Changes And Problems

Any bathroom remodel is subject to change and potential problems. Your contractor may uncover issues they did not originally know about which will delay or change the course of the project.

Sometimes they find that the original plans just won’t work out. In this case, the direction will need to be changed to accommodate whatever obstacle has been found.

Your contractor will do everything in their power to work through this delay to get your project back on track. They don’t want to hold you back from realizing your vision.

Cleanup Process

As part of your contract, the bathroom remodel crew should be fully responsible for the cleanup. You should receive your house back better than you turned it over with your nice, new bathroom installed. Other than this fabulous room, it should be like the remodel never even happened.

The Finished Product

Finally, when it’s all said and done, expect to have your luxury bathroom handed over to you. With all of your options implemented, this is the space of your dreams. All that noise and inconvenience was worth it.

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