When Is The Best Time Of Year To Begin A Kitchen Remodel?

November 15, 2022

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Begin A
Kitchen Remodel In Philadelphia?

Your Guide To The Seasons And Planning Your Project

It may seem like there is never a good time to get a kitchen remodel for your Philadelphia home because of how often you use it and how much you rely on it. However, when your kitchen no longer fulfills your needs as the gathering place of your home or just doesn’t seem as functional as it could be, it’s time to plan that kitchen renovation.

When is the best time of year to start a kitchen remodel? Let’s explore all four seasons to see what benefits and drawbacks each one offers to determine when the best time is.

Spring Kitchen Remodeling

Many homeowners participate in spring cleaning every year to freshen their homes. You could extend that spring cleaning a bit further with a kitchen remodel, starting over with a fresh design to take your guests by surprise.

While coinciding with the time of rejuvenation and overall refreshing of your home, spring kitchen remodeling has another great benefit. April and May are great months for annual sales, where you can find new appliances for rock-bottom prices.

The downside to remodeling in the spring is that the weather can still be pretty wet, which isn’t a problem under normal circumstances. However, the weather could affect the outdoor work if you expand your kitchen. Additionally, spring is one of the busiest times for contractors, so getting scheduled may be a little more difficult during these months.

Summer Kitchen Remodeling

Summer is a fantastic time to remodel your kitchen. The increased natural lighting during these months can be a great help when you are picking out your new cabinets and fixtures. While you are in the designing phase, the natural light will help you decide if a particular piece is going to look perfect in your space or clash with other styles and colors you’ve chosen.

Because the weather is more accommodating during the summer, when the inevitable dust storm is kicked up from the project, you can always just open the windows and doors to ventilate your home. This option for extra ventilation will also help your contractors, so they don’t have to breathe in paint and other fumes constantly.

You can also coincide your summer vacation with your remodel. This way, you can be out of the house during construction and not have to deal with a kitchen you can’t use. If you time it right, your kitchen remodeling company will have your brand new kitchen ready and waiting for you when you come home.

The only downside to a summer kitchen renovation is that some contractors are still somewhat busy during this season. You will have more flexibility with scheduling during the summer than in the spring, but still not as much as in other seasons.

Fall Kitchen Remodeling

By remodeling in the fall, you can also reap the benefits of summer’s natural light – you can pick out your new furniture and appliances in the summer and be ready for the fall kitchen renovation. Additionally, with all the preparatory time that goes into a remodel, you’ll benefit from having the summer months to get everything ready and lined up.

Fall is also the last season before the major holidays begin, so it’s your last chance to change up your kitchen before the activities hit full swing. You’ll have a beautiful new kitchen to show off when your company arrives for the winter season festivities.

Additionally, while they may not be as thrifty as the springtime sales, fall sales are common when companies make way for their new line of merchandise for the following year. You may still be able to save a good deal of money by shopping during the fall.

Winter Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen in the winter can complicate your holiday season if you don’t schedule just right. On the other hand, if your family travels during the holiday season, this could work out in your favor. While you’re gone, you could have your remodel completed.

One significant problem many homeowners face is the longer lead time on product deliveries. Suppliers tend to be slower during winter, delaying project completion times.

Remember, Black Friday deals in November could save you a ton of money on fixtures and appliances if you choose a winter kitchen renovation.

Which Season Is The Best For A Kitchen Remodel?

Overall, the summer season offers the most benefits for a kitchen remodel. If you are expanding as part of your project, the weather is less likely to hold back completion times. Contractors have more availability during this season than in the spring or fall.

However, because kitchen remodeling is typically indoor work – unless you are getting an addition as part of the project – you can have it done during any season that best fits your schedule and your kitchen remodeling company’s availability.

No Matter What Season It Is, Choose Philadelphia’s Premier
Kitchen Remodeling Company For Your Project

Regardless of what season you want your kitchen remodel completed in, you want to choose a Philadelphia kitchen remodeling company that actually cares about you.

Here at Remodelocity, we make your entire project about you and what you want because it’s your dream kitchen remodel, not ours.

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