Why Fall And Winter Are Great Seasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

October 4, 2022

Why Fall And Winter Are Great Seasons To
Remodel Your Kitchen In Philadelphia, PA

How The Seasons Affect Your Remodel Experience

Are you thinking about remodeling your Philadelphia, PA, home’s kitchen? Choosing the right season to begin work can make a world of difference for your project. While spring may seem like the ideal time because it’s typically the time for household rejuvenation, it’s not the best time for a kitchen remodel.

So, you might be wondering, when is the best time? Fall and winter are excellent times for a kitchen remodel. Here are all the reasons why.

Contractor Availability Is Often Better

As we mentioned, most homeowners focus on refreshing their entire house in the springtime. For many, this coincides with the idea of a kitchen remodel, which may not leave a single kitchen remodeler free for your project.

The summer is when many people travel, which is when many homeowners prefer to schedule their remodels, so they don’t have to deal with the inconveniences caused by the noise and mess.

Enter fall and winter. With the two busiest seasons behind them, many contractors are looking for more work at this point, which makes it an excellent time for you to schedule your kitchen remodel.

You Could Save Money

Many homeowners don’t consider that many companies offer discounts on their products toward the end of the year. If you shop wisely, you can outfit your entire kitchen at a discounted rate, especially if you choose a kitchen remodeler that allows you to select any products and materials you want from any manufacturer.

You’ll get the chance for sales opportunities like Black Friday and end-of-year sales that make way for new product lines. This deal isn’t available for those who remodel in the spring or summer.

School Is In Session

Your kitchen remodeler doesn’t need added distractions like having the kids at home. For most of the fall and winter seasons, the kids will be in school, minimizing distractions and safety issues at the work site. Your project will move along more smoothly because the contractors won’t have to worry about your children in the middle of the construction area.

Fall Weather Is Perfect

If you want to choose your remodel season based on weather alone, fall is hands down the best season. The temperatures have just cooled off from the heat of summer, but it’s not as cold as winter. When compared to spring, it’s not usually as rainy. All of this combined makes it the perfect season for a remodel.

A Kitchen For The Holidays

Fall is the perfect time to remodel if you entertain for the holidays. You’ll be done just in time for the festivities, with a brand new kitchen to welcome family and friends. If you don’t have the ideal amount of prep space now for all the cooking you plan to do, you can plan for all the space you need during your remodel.

Alternatively, if you travel during the winter holidays, it’s an excellent option to schedule your project during this season. You won’t even have to be home to deal with the inconvenience of having your kitchen torn out and replaced. When you get home, you’ll have a brand new kitchen to enjoy.

Lower Humidity

Chillier weather during fall and winter means lower humidity, which is excellent for your new paint. When humidity is high, paint does not always dry evenly, so when the weather cools down, you’ll be treated to a much more evenly applied coat.

You Can Slow Down

Because these seasons aren’t as demanding as spring and summer, you may have the ability to slow down and spread out your remodel. This will allow your kitchen remodeler the time to focus more on the details you want to bring out.

Choose The Philadelphia, PA, Kitchen Remodeler
That Focuses On You

When you remodel your kitchen, you want a Philadelphia, PA, kitchen remodeler focused on what you want, not what they think is best.

Here at Remodelocity, we stop and listen to what you want and make it a priority because you actually matter to us. It’s your remodel, and you should have exactly what you want.

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