Why We Spend Extra $$$ So You Don’t Have To

August 1, 2022

Your Remodeling Project Shouldn’t Come With Surprises

All home remodeling projects come with their own unique set of concerns, hiccups, and hazards. And, from time to time… a headache or two.

The last thing you need during this kind of transformational experience is additional surprises!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowners being sued after an individual gets injured on their property — and the sad truth is that this happens all the time. Consider that in any given year, these kinds of projects are going on all over everywhere across the nation. A massive workforce of people remodeling and renovating homes and businesses.

Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Workers get injured. Unprotected homeowners get sued.

This all has to do with what’s called the ‘Premise Liability Law’ and Pennsylvania takes this matter quite seriously.

These laws apply to anyone you hire to perform services on your house.

So, let’s say you hire a ‘Chuck & His Truck’ landscaper or deck builder who slips and falls on a crack in your driveway… you could be paying for costly medical bills.

At Remodelocity, We Take The Extra Step to cover our own end financially and our customers.

Pennsylvania’s Hardcore Premise Liability Laws

All homeowners living in Pennsylvania have to be aware of premise liability laws any time they welcome someone to their home, whether that be family, friends, or service companies like Remodelocity.

If you’ve neglected to upkeep your home, you could be at fault for damages that occurred from instances such as:

  • Animal Attacks
  • Ice Or Snow-Covered Walkways
  • Poorly Lit Areas
  • Slips & Falls
  • Construction Accidents

And so much more.

If a service worker visits your home for non-labor purposes such as a Kitchen Remodeling consultation or to give you an estimate and sustains an injury, they will be covered under your normal home insurance plan.

The issue for many homeowners begins once their home has started to undergo the remodeling process.

How Remodelcity Does Things Differently

Many home Pennsylvania remodeling companies refuse to purchase any liability insurance for their crew members to save a few bucks each quarter. That means even if a hired worker becomes injured while you’re, say, out of town — you could be coming home to a big EXPENSIVE surprise.


Knowing What To Ask Your Remodeling Contractor before hiring them can save you time, headaches, and plenty of money in the long run. At Remodelocity, we don’t think our customers should have to pay out-of-pocket when there’s an easy solution.

We believe in this so much, in fact, that we have an extensive umbrella insurance policy that covers not only the homeowner but everyone who we send into the home.

Our worker’s liability insurance and combined umbrella insurance policy are maintained at $2,000,000 to cover the off chance that something were to happen to your home, car, personal belongings, or our workers.

This leaves absolutely no risk for the homeowner when they choose Remodelocity for their remodeling needs.

Bottom Line: With Remodelocity, You’re Covered…
From Start To Finish!

Instead of taking the easy (and cheaper) way out, we feel it’s our duty here at Remodelocity to provide Pennsylvania homeowners with the absolute best when it comes to home remodeling projects.

That includes many behind-the-scenes blueprints and game plans, including our comprehensive insurance plans. We take care of every little detail, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the results of Detailed, Impeccable Workmanship.

If your home is in dire need of a makeover, reach out to Remodelocity for your Free Estimate today!