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The Delaware Valley Kitchen Remodeler That Does It All

Restyle, Renovate, Or Remodel Your Kitchen With ABSOLUTELY NO Snags, Hiccups, Or Bumps Along The Way

When you think of remodeling, do you think of something relaxing, fun, exciting, and invigorating? We think kitchen remodeling should be ALL that, and more.

It usually starts off that way, and then the stressors start piling up…and they don’t stop.

One or two or three delays…

Just one teeny tiny additional fee…and then a change in price quote…

Workers who ignore you and treat your home like their clubhouse…

Miscommunication….he said, she said, you said, we said…

And of course…product shortages. “Oops, we’re out of that granite countertop you ordered months ago and were counting on to pull your kitchen together. SO SORRY.”

Little stress + small frustration + tiny snag + minor delay + slight inconvenience adds up to a GIANT hassle.

By the time most homeowners are nearing the completion of their remodeling project, they are anxiously waiting to wave goodbye to their kitchen remodeling contractors with a sigh of relief and a heartfelt ‘good riddance’.

Remodelocity Is The Exact OPPOSITE Of This

The App That Makes The Remodeling World Go Round
We developed an app that ensures that we are in CONSTANT communication with you. We don’t miss a word.

We Only Hire People Who Care About Other People
Many kitchen remodeling companies rely on sub-contractors. WE DON’T. The beauty of owning our own company is that we are not forced to hire anyone. We can take our time and be very selective. We ONLY hire people who share our values – integrity, respect, trust, compassion and HUMILITY.

A Rock-Solid Non-Prorated Warranty That Actually Does What It’s Supposed To Do
The average warranty covers less and less over time. That seems counterproductive. As time goes on, you usually need your warranty MORE, not LESS. Our warranty has NO added cost over time.

Workmanship That Throws Shade On Every Other Installation Job You Ever Had
No offense to the other remodeling companies out there…we can’t help it if we’re the best. We do everything WE can to make our employees happy so that they can do everything THEY can to make our customers happy.

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