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Kitchens That Set The Tone For Your Delaware Valley Home

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Be Bold – Add Flair, Make A Statement And Up The Ante Of Your Entire Home

Home is where the kitchen is. Just ask anyone.

Your kitchen either raises the bar for the rest of your home or lowers it — there’s no in-between. That’s why it is super important to hire a remodeling company that WILL NOT SCREW UP.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we pull out all the stops. We’ll reconfigure your entire kitchen layout and move around your appliances, plumbing, and electricity without any hemming and hawing. The only limits are those imposed by your imagination.

Want to knock down a wall? No problem. That’s exactly what we’re here for.

But we know our limits. Some remodeling contractors get overly ambitious when it comes to smashing down walls. You can feel entirely secure that we won’t become demolition-happy and then leave you to deal with the fallout. When we need to take down walls — especially load-bearing walls – we don’t make a move without consulting our structural engineer, who tells us exactly how to go about reconfiguring space when dealing with a load-bearing beam or wall.

Your kitchen is in safe hands.

The Philadelphia Area Remodeling Company That Asks The BIG Question: What Does Your Kitchen Mean To You?

At Remodelocity, we don’t just take a shallow pass at remodeling your kitchen, we make every effort to understand what this kitchen is for you. Before diving into remodeling your kitchen, we find out what you want out of your kitchen — and that guides every step of our process.

Is your kitchen largely for decorative purposes, or are homemade meals a big part of your life?

Do you entertain guests often, or is your kitchen primarily for the family?

Do you want a homey space where you can relax, or are you going for a more minimalist modern look?

These are just some of the things we look for when you first give us a call about remodeling your kitchen. Since every person is different, every homeowner wants something different from their kitchen.

If we had to sum up our remodeling process in a few words – we’d say this:

First, we understand what you want.

And then we give it to you. (Exactly how you pictured it.)

This Remodeling Company Is NOT Like The Others

We’re not like the other girls. Here’s how we’re different:

Work Times That Actually Happen:
Work times are generally around 5-12 days for simple renovations and 10-15 work days for more complex renovations. And not ONE DAY MORE.

Warranty For Life:
Everything we do for you is backed up with a LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

Take Your Pick Of Materials:
We never lock you into one specific manufacturer or one particular product. You’re free to choose whatever product or material you want.

A Budget That’s Prone To…DISCOUNTS:
For renovations, the budget is typically around $27K. For more comprehensive remodeling, the budget is closer to $37K. But here’s the clincher: When you sign up for our app, we will notify you any time materials are discounted. This means that the final price can end up being MUCH lower for you.

We Do More Than Basic Renovations:
In addition to installing new cabinets and flooring, we also can change the entire layout of your kitchen, move around appliances, and knock down walls.

Tell Us What You Want Your Kitchen To Look Like

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