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Never Shrink Your Dreams To Fit Reality — Create A Reality That Fits Your Dreams

So, you want to add a room addition to your home! Congrats. Now the fun begins.

If you’re bracing yourself for a hassle — delays, rude workers, price quote changes — stop right there. You might think you know what remodeling is all about (headaches and hassles), and you might think you know how time-consuming it is (forever and ever and ever) — but you don’t.

Because we’ll break EVERY SINGLE negative stereotype that exists about this industry. Just watch.

After Remodelocity, you won’t view remodeling the same and you won’t be able to use any other company. And you won’t have to.

The (Unspoken) Rules Of The Remodeling Industry Were No Good, So We Changed Them

  • Unspoken Rule Number 1: No news is good news. The less the client hears from us the better.
  • Our Rule: Bad news delivered promptly is better than good news not delivered at all. Keep the client updated every step of the way.
  • Unspoken Rule Number 2: Customers should be seen and not heard. There’s no need to hear feedback about every little thing.
  • Our Rule: If it pops into your brain — we want to hear it. The more you tell us, the better we can serve you.
  • Unspoken Rule Number 3: Please wealthy clients at all costs — the other clients don’t matter as much.
  • Our Rule: We respect everyone equally. Our customers who live in 30,000 dollar homes have just as much pride in their home as the people who live in 3 million dollar homes — it’s your castle and the memories you build.
  • Unspoken Rule Number 4: It’s better to get the job done fast than well — just hire a service technician to fix up any mistakes.
  • Our Rule: We don’t have a service technician because we don’t make mistakes!

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