En-Suite Bathrooms

Craving Comfort And Privacy In Your Philadelphia Area Home?

An En-Suite Bathroom Will Give You All That & More

Food, water, and shelter are what we need to simply exist, but don’t forget about comfort and privacy – those are needs that are central to living a good life.

An en-suite bathroom is basically synonymous with comfort and privacy. It is a bathroom that’s built directly off any room in your home, affording you MAXIMUM personal space and convenience.

Do you have an elderly person in your household who has difficulty walking to and from the bathroom?

Teenage or adult children who want their privacy?

Frequent guests, who stay overnight?

Light sleepers who jolt awake at the sound of someone fumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Household members, who are particular about their space and their personal effects?

These are a few of the many situations that would make an en-suite bathroom the ideal addition to your home.

Remodelocity will help you design an en-suite bathroom that perfectly complements your home and provides you with all the amenities you’re looking for in a personal bathroom.

We Don’t Stick With Only One Or Two Manufacturers

One of the things that is unique about Remodelocity is our refusal to cling to a few specific manufacturers. This is something that’s extremely common in the remodeling industry, however, the downside of staying in your comfort zone is that there are so many missed opportunities.

We never lock ourselves into relationships with one or two manufacturers. Instead, we assess each individual customer’s needs and decide which product is best for their specific situation.

This way, every one of our customers’ remodeling projects is completely customized and tailored to their personal needs.

Remodeling Industry Standards In The Philadelphia Suburbs VS. How WE Do It

  • The Standard: No news is good news — the less the client hears from us the better.
  • How We Do It! Bad news delivered promptly is better than good news not delivered at all. We keep you updated every single step of the way.
  • The Standard: Customers should be seen and not heard — we don’t have the time or patience to hear your thoughts about every little thing.
  • How We Do It! If it pops into your brain — tell us. The more feedback you give us, the better we can serve you.
  • The Standard: Make sure VIP clients are happy at all costs — the other clients don’t matter as much.
  • How We Do It! We respect everyone equally. Our customers who live in 30,000 dollar homes have just as much pride in their home as the people who live in 3 million dollar homes — it’s your castle and the memories you build.
  • The Standard: It’s better to get the job done fast than thoroughly — hire a service technician to fix up any mistakes.
  • How We Do It! We don’t have a service technician because we don’t make mistakes!

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