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The Delaware Valley Remodeling Company That Never Forgets You Made Us Part Of YOUR Life

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From Minor Touch Up To Major Overhaul – It’s All About YOUR Expectations, YOUR Peace Of Mind, And YOUR Happiness

Everything we do is molded by this mindset.

It might seem simple — basic, even. But most companies in the home improvement industry spend a massive chunk of their energy and resources figuring out what would be the most lucrative for THEM, or the most cost-efficient for THEM, or the least labor-intensive for THEM.

After all, in the world we live in – everyone is looking out for number 1.

So, what makes us different?

We founded Remodelocity on the premise that you are trusting us with the 3 things that are the most precious to you in the entire world: Your home, your family, and your money.

And it’s this thought process that enables us to REALLY listen to you, understand your point of view and your goals for your home, and urges us to do everything we can to complete your vision in the smoothest, most enjoyable way possible.

Remodeling On Steroids In The Philadelphia Suburbs

Want something in your home enhanced, remodeled, or completely replaced? WE GOT THIS.

From replacing your roof to remodeling your kitchen to building a breathtaking sunroom – our dedicated employees are fully trained, highly experienced, and ready to tackle your remodeling project. Oh – and need we mention that we absolutely will not touch subcontractors with a ten-foot pole?

When you’re remodeling your home, the last thing you want to do is search for a remodeling company for your kitchen counters, and then for your bathtub, and then for your patio room…and on and on. It’s exhausting, demoralizing, and a waste of time and energy.

Remodelocity gives you the ultimate remodeling experience: Everything in one place, by someone trustworthy, who will never let you down.

We’re Not Married To Any Specific Manufacturer

Instead, we have trusted, long-term relationships with many reliable and top-quality manufacturers.

Ever heard the expression “to a carpenter, everything looks like a nail that needs to be hammered”? When you specialize in a certain niche there is always the risk that your decisions will be skewed by your attachment to that trade — or in our case, a specific manufacturer. Usually, without you even knowing it.

That’s why we have a hard and fast rule that we don’t have any special connection with one or two specific brands. Instead, we evaluate what your home needs, what your vision is, and what you’re willing to spend. Based on that, we come up with a product that is personalized for your wants and needs.

Wait…There’s More

We have certain standards for our company that are absolutely mandatory across the board. Such as:

We demand that our employees do their work as if they were working at their girlfriend’s parents’ house: Yes, we really do this. And it works every time.

Therefore we are able to…

  • Give you a lifetime non-prorated workmanship warranty.
  • Not have a service tech because we don’t need one

And give back to our employees…

  • If one of our employees is in trouble – we help them out, no questions asked
  • We treat our employees like people and accept them for who they are
    Our employees’ concerns are our concerns, and their celebrations bring us happiness

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