Roof Repair

Stress-FREE Roof Repair In The Philadelphia Area

We’ll Pinpoint The Problem And Provide A Precision Repair
For A Fair Price.

If your roof is leaking, you’re probably not sitting around wondering whether or not you need to call a Philadelphia roofer. You KNOW you need one… and need one NOW.

But some other signs that your roof is in need of repairs can be more subtle. They can even go under the radar for YEARS if you don’t know what to look out for.
Some less obvious signs that your roof may need repairs, include…

  • You experience a spike in your heating and cooling bills: This may mean that air is escaping through damaged areas of your roof.
  • You notice areas of your ceiling and walls that are discolored: This can be caused by moisture seeping into your home because your roof is not doing its job well enough.
  • You find black “grains of sand” in your gutters: This can actually be an indicator that some of the shingles on your roof are crumbling and need to be replaced.
  • Your attic isn’t pitch dark: If there’s light streaming into your attic, you may want to check for cracks in your roof that shouldn’t be there. Less benign things, such as moisture and critters, can enter your home through those cracks.

To minimize the damage to your home, call us for a roof inspection as soon as you suspect that you may need repairs. We make this easier for you by offering FREE roof inspections by highly qualified roofers (no subcontractors!) – if nothing is wrong with your roof, you didn’t lose out at all and you have peace of mind.

Why You Should Only Hire An Expert For Your Philadelphia Roof Repair

Remodelocity’s roof repair professionals are highly trained and experienced. This enables us to identify the CAUSE of your roof damage and come up with a targeted SOLUTION that addresses the issue precisely. The last thing you want is to have the same issue cropping up a few months down the line.

Whether your roof needs to be repaired because of age-related wear and tear, or it was damaged in a storm – we’ll engineer a solution that is unique to your roof and will prevent the problem from recurring.

Depending on the type of damage your roof sustained, and the extent of the damage, we’ll suggest one of three solutions:

  • A minor, surface level roof repair to patch up a small area of damage.
  • An extensive roof repair that might be deeper than the first layer of your roof.
  • An entire roof replacement if the damage is too deep or extensive for your roof to be repaired.

Our roof repair experts will inspect your roof THOROUGHLY before determining which course of action is best for you. We NEVER jump to conclusions. And we ALWAYS explain our thought process to you.

The Delaware Valley Roof Repair Company With Sky-High Standards

When we repair your roof, we have VERY high standards — and they are absolutely mandatory no matter where and no matter when. Here goes:

When our employees work on your roof repair project, we insist that they do their work as if they were working on their girlfriend’s parents’ house: Yes, we really do this. And it works every time.

Therefore, we are able to…

  • Give you a lifetime non-prorated workmanship warranty.
  • Not have a service tech because we don’t need one.

And give back to our employees…

  • If one of our employees is in trouble — we help them out, no questions asked.
  • We treat our employees like people and accept them for who they are.
  • Our employees’ concerns are our concerns, and their celebrations bring us happiness.

If you’re looking for a roof repair company that will give you all the time, attention and energy you deserve, contact Remodelocity for a free quote!