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When you’re ready to make a major investment in upgrading your Chester County home, you want to choose a company that is going to take care of you from start to finish. Here at Remodelocity, we are a team of dedicated professionals who will expertly handle your project down to the finest details.

When we started our business, we had one goal in mind and that was to change the remodeling business for the better. We decided to take everything bad about the industry and scrap it, creating a remodeling experience for the Chester County area that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Types Of Remodeling Services We Offer

We are very experienced with remodeling across the board and offer various kinds of services. Because we are so versatile with our skill set, our customers often find that they can have multiple projects completed by us to save them time and money.


If you want to completely overhaul your kitchen, we offer kitchen remodeling. We can reconfigure your layout, move your appliances, and even knock down a wall if you want it gone. Your imagination is the limit.

When you’re looking to make smaller, less invasive changes, we offer kitchen restyles and renovations. With a restyle, we can make smaller changes like a new sink, backsplash, counter, and paint job. With a remodel, you’ll get everything that comes with a restyle, plus new cabinets and flooring.


When it comes to your bathroom, you can go small, or you can go big. If you want to change out everything, you’ll need to have a bathroom remodel completed. You can have your layout changed, as well as your flooring, cabinets, and shower/tub.

For the smallest touches, you’ll want to have a bathroom restyle completed. You’ll get a new vanity, new hardware, and painted walls and trim. If you want moderate changes completed, we offer bathroom renovations in which you’ll get everything a restyle offers, as well as a new tub/shower, new flooring, and a new toilet.


If you’re running out of space and want to add an addition, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts at installing extra space, and the process will run so smoothly that it will almost be like we were never there.

Mother-In-Law Suites

Do you need space for visitors but want to keep them out of yours? Our mother-in-law suites are the perfect solution for you. They’re also a great option if you have an aging parent who needs to live close to you but not necessarily directly with you.

En-Suite Bathrooms

Our en-suite bathrooms are the perfect privacy solution. We can build it off any room you choose inside your home. We will help you design the perfect bathroom to meet all of your needs as well as provide you with all the amenities you’re seeking.


Don’t wait until your roof is leaking before you call our roofing experts. By then, the damage might be too great. If you notice shingles missing after a rough storm, give us a call, and we’ll work with your insurance company to make sure you get the coverage you deserve. When it’s time to pick your new roofing material, we offer you the freedom to choose any product you want.


Do you love the outside but hate the hassle of bugs and dealing with the weather? One of our sunrooms would be ideal for you. We should warn you upfront that once you have one installed, you will become addicted to it. With bright light added to your home, this room will quickly become a family favorite place to gather.

Remodel Your Home Without Any Financial Strain

We offer financing options for our qualifying customers to make the remodeling process easier. When you reach out for your free estimate, just let us know you’re interested in possibly financing your remodeling project. You’ll fill out a short application, and, if you qualify, we’ll pair you with the best lender for your needs.

All Your Project Information At Your Fingertips

One of the worst aspects of the traditional remodeling experience that we sought to stamp out was the customer being kept in the dark throughout the project. For your experience to be positive, you want to know what’s going on with your project and have a way to reach out when you have questions. That’s why we developed the Remodelocity App.

With the app, you’ll be able to message us 24/7, receive constant communication about your project, and have an open line of communication with us at all times. You’ll also have access to all of your account information whenever you need it.

Choose A Company Where You Matter

It’s your project, so your needs should come first. That’s what we believe at Remodelocity. You know exactly what you want better than we ever could, and that’s why we listen to you. You and what you want matter.

Once we have an idea of what you want, we look for products and materials that will fulfill your needs. We’ll check in with you to see if you’ve had any ideas that would work better and to see if there’s anything we can do to improve your overall experience.

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Do you want to rejuvenate your home with a remodel? Don’t settle for the first remodeler that comes along. Call the best home remodeling company in Chester County!

Here at Remodelocity, we’ve invested all of our time and energy into creating the best remodeling experience for our customers. Gone are the days of rude crew members, hidden fees, and limited communication.

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