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Bring The Kitchen Of Your Dreams To Life With Remodelocity

Is your kitchen just a place to cook and no longer the place where your family wants to gather? Why not upgrade it with a beautiful kitchen remodel? Let the King of Prussia kitchen experts at Remodelocity handle the job.

We can do everything from small touch-ups to sweeping full-scale remodels. We’ll take your vision and make it a beautiful reality that will be the focus of your family’s activity.

Kitchen Restyle

Our least invasive option is the kitchen restyle with just the right amount of touches to transform your kitchen from the uninviting place it has become. We’ll install a new counter, backsplash, sink, faucet, knobs, and pulls while painting the walls and trim the color of your choice. When we’re done with the project, you won’t even recognize your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation

If you’re on the fence about a restyle and a full remodel, we also offer a kitchen renovation. You’ll reap the benefits of a restyle plus the installation of new cabinets and flooring. It’s just like getting a new kitchen without the hassle of changing the layout.

Kitchen Remodel

When you’re ready to go all in and change every aspect of your outdated kitchen, our full kitchen remodel is the solution for you. We’ll install everything that comes with a restyle and renovation plus rearrange your layout to suit your needs. Don’t worry about your electricity and plumbing because we’ll move that to accommodate any changes we make.

The Remodelocity Story

The average kitchen remodeling company is focused on its profits. While they may like helping their customers, their primary goal is to make their next dollar. The problem with this is that you can’t put your profits and your customers in the number one spot. One of them has to take priority, and unfortunately, the customers usually lose out.

Here at Remodelocity, we are obsessed with our customers, and we made a million dollar investment to prove it. Our goal was to streamline the remodeling process to ensure that customers didn’t need to hunt down a new contractor for every little remodeling project.

We also struck out to ensure communication was fast and easy by developing our Remodelocity App. We instantly know how our customers are feeling and if any snags are occurring. We developed a stress-free remodeling process through our devotion to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.


A lot of questions have probably come to mind while you have been selecting a kitchen remodeling company. Here are a few that our customers have asked us:

What Should I Know Before Remodeling My Kitchen?
  • Make sure you choose the best kitchen remodeling company – they are not all created equally.
  • Make sure you read the fine print on your warranty.
  • Your kitchen remodel will take up a considerable amount of time and energy, so make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew.
  • Ensure you know what you want before the project starts because changes are a lot harder to make once you get going.
  • When you have doubts, choose the higher quality product over the stylish one.
  • Great contractors know no limits, so don’t be afraid to stretch your imagination.
What Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Depending on the level of remodeling you choose, the price will change.

  • Restyles cost between $12K and $15K.
  • Renovations cost between $26K and $27K.
  • Remodels typically start at $37K.
What Questions Should I Ask My Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

There are several important questions that you will need to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor once you hire them:

  • What do you need me to take care of before you start?
  • What will the remodeling process look like?
  • What kind of financing options do you offer?
  • How long is the project going to take?
  • What will happen if I am not satisfied with part of your work?

The Freedom To Choose The Products You Want

When it comes to the products and materials you want to use for your kitchen remodel, we don’t put any limitations on you. If you’ve got your eye on a special countertop, it’s yours. Does another company have the backsplash you want? Not a problem. 

While this makes our job more difficult, it doesn’t matter because it will make our customers happy, and that’s the goal.

Do You Need A Kitchen Remodel To Make Your Kitchen
More Welcoming? Remodelocity Has You Covered

When you’ve had enough of your King of Prussia home’s kitchen, it’s time to update it with a remodel. Choose a company that’s going to give you options that truly bring your dream to life.

Here at Remodelocity, we listen to what you want and deliver. It’s your kitchen remodel, not ours, and we make sure you get exactly what you want.

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