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Your roof is one of the most critical structural pieces of your home as it protects the rest of your house from water damage; so when it becomes damaged, you need to act quickly. When you need your roof replaced, you can rely on our expert roofing team serving Montgomery County.

To make sure you prevent as much damage as possible, you need to replace your roof before it starts leaking. So after a rough storm or anytime you notice missing shingles, give Remodelocity a call and we can inspect the situation.

The Benefits Of Choosing Remodelocity

We don’t limit you to a specific vendor. You can choose whatever material you want to have installed on your roof and we will make it happen. This way you can select something that perfectly matches and protects your house without being limited by what a specific supplier carries.

Roof With Asphalt ShinglesWhen you get a warranty, you expect that it will mean something. That’s why we offer lifetime non-prorated warranties that don’t lose value over time. Other contractors may void their warranties due to improper installations or they may cover less as your roof ages, which is not what you need.

A Stress-Free Financial Plan For You

A roof replacement does not have to break the bank. When it comes to payment options, we offer flexible financing options for eligible homeowners.

When you get your free estimate, just let us know you’re interested in financing. There’s a brief amount of paperwork you’ll have to fill out and once you complete that, we’ll be able to pair you with an expert lender that matches all your needs.

Our financing options take away all the money-related stress from your roof replacement.

Customers, Not Profits, Come First

At Remodelocity, we are obsessed with our customers. Your happiness is our number one priority. If you’re not happy, we didn’t do our job.

While other companies may enjoy taking care of their customers and being involved in the industry, they are focused on making as much money as possible as quickly as they can. This means that they’re pushing their money toward themselves and not toward their customers. Only one thing can be supreme and if it’s your profits, your customers can’t be number one.

We’re Extra Picky About Who Works For Us

Because we only want the best for our customers, we’re extremely picky when it comes to selecting our employees. Many candidates will apply and out of them only around five will make the cut for a callback. Out of those five, maybe one or two will make it to an actual interview.

For every candidate who makes it to an interview, we conduct background checks and drug tests. But more importantly, we check into who they are as a person. If they don’t have the kind and humble personality we’re looking for, they don’t make the cut.

Integrity, respect, and trust rank higher than training and experience for us. The latter can be taught while the former is something you’re born with.

Choose A Company Where You Matter

No one knows what you want better than you do. Unlike other contractors, we don’t come to your house knowing what you need. Instead, we listen to you because what you want matters. It’s your project and your dream, not ours.

We’re not like that pushy salesperson at your favorite store because we’re not here to sell you what you don’t want. We want to bolster your ideas and help make them a reality.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers mean the world to us, and our work means the world to them. This is clear in all the amazing reviews they have left us over the years.

“We are delighted! We are also very happy with the work performed, and the professionalism of the installers and staff. We would definitely recommend Remodelocity to others!”

– Rich D.

“Had a great experience with Remodelocity. Salespeople are terrific. Workmanship is excellent. Follow up is good. I would recommend them highly to family and friends.”

– Chris S.

“Remodelocity gave us an excellent detailed explanation. They did a great job and were very professional.”

– Christina N.

“I was very pleased with the presentation that was very thorough and informative. There was no pressure to sign anything.”

– Nancy L.

Ready For Your Roof Replacement? Trust Remodelocity,
The Best Roofing Company In Montgomery County

A roof replacement can be a stressful experience but with Remodelocity, we take the nightmare out of it. You can sit back and relax while we put the new roof on your Montgomery County home.

Are you ready to tackle your roof damage? Call us at (610) 945-1918 or contact us for your free estimate.

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