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Remodelocity Offers Every Service You Need, From Roofing To Bathrooms

Choosing a remodeler is the most essential part of any remodeling project on your Philadelphia, PA, home. You need a reliable company that will get things done right without all the stress and headaches involved with home improvement. Remodelocity offers every service you could need and makes the process easy.


You’ll want a kitchen restyle for tasteful changes made over a few days. But if you’re just tired of every aspect of your kitchen, then it’s time to start over fresh with a full kitchen remodel. Choose our kitchen renovation if you want an option that falls in the middle.

Do you want to refresh your bathroom with a few minor changes? Then you would love our bathroom restyle. We can take things up a notch with a bathroom renovation or go the whole mile with a full bathroom remodel.

An addition can provide the much-needed space you lack in your Philadelphia, PA, home. We can add on the room of your dreams, just tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

Mother-In-Law Suites

A mother-in-law suite is a perfect solution to having your in-laws stay over for extended periods or when you frequently have guests and need to offer them a private place to stay. It will allow everyone to be close without stepping on each other’s toes.

En-Suite Bathrooms

An en-suite bathroom will give you the luxury of privacy in your personal space with no one banging on the door for their turn. It’s also an excellent solution for family members with mobility issues.


It’s better to get a roof replacement at the first signs of trouble rather than wait for a leak to start. We can also work with your insurance to obtain the coverage you need after storm damage.


A sunroom is a perfect solution if you love being in the sun but hate the cold. You can enjoy the beauty of natural light year-round from one of these beautifully designed rooms without dealing with the changing weather outside.

An App To Keep You Up To Date

Most of the time, if you ask any homeowner what the worst part of a remodel is, they’ll tell you it’s the lack of communication and being left in the dark about what’s happening in their own home.

That’s no way to do business, which is precisely why we do things differently here. At Remodelocity, we invested significantly in developing the Remodelocity App.

With our app, you’ll have a way to message us all the time, and have 24/7 access to all your essential documents and billing information. All the updates to your project will be available – even the smallest details.

With our app, there’s no more feeling left out of your own project.

We Respect Every Customer Equally

Our respect is not based on dollar signs. We treat each of our customers equally, whether their project is huge or smaller.

When you choose to work with Remodelocity, your project will never be pushed to the side for a “more important” project because that’s not how we work. No matter how small a project is, we will put our all into it, getting down to all the finest details.

We respect every one of our customers and will do the job right no matter what.

A Company Where You Actually Matter

It’s your remodel, so shouldn’t you be in the driver’s seat? That’s what we think. We know too well what it’s like to go into a store knowing exactly what we want, only to come out with something completely different because of a pushy salesperson.

A remodel is a significant investment and something you have to live with for quite some time. There is no reason we should be telling you what you want. It’s your project, and you matter, so we take your thoughts and ideas and make them a reality.

All Your Remodeling Needs In One Place, In Philadelphia, PA

Don’t settle for the cheapest bid when remodeling your Philadelphia, PA, home. Choose a company that listens to you.

Here at Remodelocity, we take what you have to say seriously. Communication is always easy, and you will never be left in the dark.

Call us today at (610) 945-1918 to schedule your free estimate.

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