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The Enjoyable And Stress-Free Way To Remodel Your Home

Wayne affords an interesting contrast of high-fashion boutiques, elegance, and salt-of-the-earth hospitality. It’s not hard to understand why George Cukor chose Wayne to be the locale for The Philadelphia Story.

Remodelocity’s core values, quality workmanship, and extremely selective hiring process make us a perfect fit for Wayne.

When we work on your home, we give it our undivided attention. Whether we are restyling your bathroom or knocking down walls and reconfiguring the layout of your home, our goal is to make you feel like you’re our ONLY customer.

And because our employees are handpicked and our workmanship and communication standards are sky-high, you absolutely will.

Quality Work Done Right The First Time

Are you considering a remodeling project for your Wayne, PA, home? For the best outcome, you need a reliable company on your side for the duration of your project.

Whether you want to change your kitchen layout, add a sunroom, or get a new roof, Remodelocity has everything you need in a home remodeling company in Wayne, PA. 

Home Remodeling Services Remodelocity Has To Offer

We offer the total home package when it comes to remodeling services. You can remodel almost every part of your home, from the exterior to the interior, with the highest quality craftsmanship available in Wayne, PA.


We offer full kitchen remodeling services if you want to remove your entire kitchen and start over. With this option, you’ll get everything new, including your layout, and we’ll even move your plumbing and electricity.

For the lighter side of things, we offer kitchen restyles and renovations. A simple restyle is much less invasive than a complete remodel but still provides enough changes to make a startling difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen. A renovation incorporates restyle elements and adds a few more changes to create an even more significant transformation.


Are you looking to make some small but bold changes to your bathroom? Check out our bathroom restyle services. We can tear the whole thing out if you’re tired of the entire room and start over with a full bathroom remodel. When a restyle is not enough, and a remodel is over the top, our bathroom renovations come in comfortably in the middle. 


If you’re running out of space in your Wayne, PA, home, we have just the solution – a room addition. Expand precisely where it will benefit you the most, allowing your family the room they need to grow and spread out comfortably.

Mother-In-Law Suites

If you always have family visiting and would rather have a private place for them to stay, a mother-in-law suite is a great idea. They’ll have their own space, and you won’t have to worry about tripping over extra people in your home. It’s also beneficial when you have older family members who can no longer live completely alone but want their privacy.

Ensuite Bathrooms

Adding an ensuite bathroom can be the ultimate personal comfort – no more fighting over the shower in the morning with your feisty teenagers. It’s also great if you have light sleepers in the home – they will no longer be bothered when you get up at night.


It can get pretty cold and snowy in the winter in Wayne, PA. For those who love the sun, a sunroom is the favorite part of the home. Let Remodelocity outfit your home with one of these fantastic additions. You’ll never leave it once you see how great it is.


At the first signs of trouble with your roof, you need to call for help. Getting a roof replacement before it leaks is essential to protecting your home. We’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best coverage possible.

View Our Portfolio To See What We Can Do For You

With how varied our services are, you might be wondering what kind of quality we put into our work. You can rest assured that our superior craftsmanship and our projects have excellent results. Look at our kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms to see exactly what we can do for you.

Unlimited Products And Materials For Your Remodel

Here at Remodelocity, we believe in making your dreams come true. That’s why we don’t limit the products and materials you select for your remodeling project. We’re not beholden to a specific manufacturer or supplier like the average home remodeling company in Wayne, PA. We only require that the products be the best solution for you.

Unmatched Quality In Wayne, PA

Our employees all have the same belief – when you do a job, you do it right. This mindset has led our company to achieve masterful workmanship. You’ll recognize it in every one of our finished projects.

All the lines will match up perfectly, every surface will be smooth and clean, and you won’t find a single loose end. We leave nothing up to chance when we complete a project. That’s a guarantee.

Not All Philadelphia Remodeling Companies Are Created Equal

Not every company values integrity, accountability, and workmanship, and not every company cares about the customer (sadly, most don’t). When choosing a remodeling company, it’s important to know all the red flags to avoid at all costs and the green flags to seek out.

Listen Up, Wayne Homeowners! Make Sure To Ask These 5 Smart Questions Before Hiring A Remodeling Contractor To Work On Your Home

Do you hire subcontractors?
This is a HUGE red flag, and a HUGE no no for us. There is no way to provide stellar workmanship if your workers are not invested in the project.
How do you make hiring decisions?
We handpick every single employee. After drug screenings and background checks, we look for specific character traits like humility and trustworthiness.
How do you stay on top of client communication?
We spent thousands of dollars on developing software to improve exactly this aspect of remodeling. Our efforts paid off and we now have an app that makes communication with our customers a non-issue.
Will you be AWOL when I need you?
Never. We’ll be at your home within 72 hours – no excuses. (And we actually aim to be there within 24 hours.)
Is your warranty reliable?
Yes! Since our workmanship is precise and extremely well done, we are confident enough to provide you with a rock solid, non-prorated warranty.

Why Remodelocity?

  • Unlimited access to high-quality products
  • Real-time, minute-to-minute updates about your project
  • Expert craftsmen who don’t mess up
  • Clear and constant communication

Choose The Most Reliable Home Remodeling Company
In Wayne, PA For All Your Project Needs

For all your home remodeling needs in Wayne, PA, choose the company that genuinely cares about you and makes your needs a priority.

Here at Remodelocity, we put you first because you actually matter. It’s your remodel, so what you want should be the focus. 

Call us today at (610) 945-1918 to schedule your free estimate.

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