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So, you live in West Chester — lucky you! You no doubt enjoy living in your well-kept neighborhood while being able to take part in fun activities like festivals, concerts, and diverse eateries.

Remodelocity is a remodeling company that loves servicing West Chester, and surrounding areas. When we work on your home, we give it our undivided attention. Whether we are restyling your bathroom or knocking down walls and reconfiguring the layout of your home, our goal is to make you feel like you’re our ONLY customer.

And because our employees are handpicked and our workmanship and communication standards are sky-high, you absolutely will.

Everything You Need In A Home Remodeling Company

Are you looking for a quality home remodeling company in West Chester, PA? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Remodelocity, we offer every service you could need, eliminating the hassle of searching for multiple contractors for each project. You’ll find absolute reliability, expert workmanship, and unyielding respect when you work with us.

Home Remodeling Services Offered By Remodelocity

If you want a remodeling experience like no other without all the stress, headaches, hiccups, and fumbles, have a look at the services we have to offer.


If you want to change things up in your kitchen, we offer three options, starting with the least invasive kitchen restyle. In just a few days, you’ll have some pretty significant changes that alter the total effect of your kitchen. For a more profound impact, you can choose the kitchen renovation option, and, of course, we offer full-scale kitchen remodels.


We offer full bathroom remodeling services when you want a whole new layout for your bathroom. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the option for a bathroom restyle, where you will get several impactful changes that only take a few days to complete. When a remodel is too much, and a restyle isn’t enough, we suggest bathroom renovations.


Getting a home addition is an excellent option if your family is outgrowing your home or you just want more space. Not only will it make your home more comfortable, but it will increase its value.

Mother-In-Law Suites

When you are a frequent entertainer of guests or have aging family members who need to live closer to you, a mother-in-law suite can be the perfect solution. They’ll be close by, but you will all still have your much-needed privacy.

Ensuite Bathrooms

For the ultimate privacy, consider an ensuite bathroom addition. This is the perfect idea if you don’t want to share the communal bathroom with the rest of your family first thing in the morning. It can also benefit an older household member who has difficulty with mobility.


When your roof is damaged or showing its age, it’s best to get it replaced before it starts leaking. The great news is that we also offer roof replacement services. Not only will we expertly install your new roof, but we’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best coverage possible.


If you want to relax in the sun year-round, you need a sunroom added to your home. Even in the coldest months of winter, you’ll be able to enjoy what sun is available in the West Chester, PA sky from your beautiful sunroom.

Respect Means You’ll Never Come Last

One thing that makes us stand out as the ideal home remodeling company in West Chester, PA, is the absolute respect we show each customer. The price tag on your house doesn’t matter to us – you’re valuable to us no matter how much it costs.

If your project is small, it’s just as crucial as another customer’s more extensive project. You will never get shoved to the back burner for any reason. We will always treat you with the respect you deserve, communicate with you constantly, and provide the superior service we are known for in the area.

Financing Options That Come Without The Stress

At Remodelocity, we understand that home remodeling can be a significant investment with a hefty price tag. However, it doesn’t have to put a severe squeeze on you financially. We have excellent financing options for our qualifying customers to make things easier. Just let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll help you through the steps of applying.

Choose The Company Where You Actually Matter

Have you ever gone into a store with one thing in mind and come out with something different because of a pushy salesperson? Unfortunately, this is often the case with many West Chester, PA, home remodeling companies. Instead of listening to customers’ wants and needs, they’ll upsell and use underhanded sales tactics to force ideas on the homeowner.

For us, it’s a lot different – you actually matter. It’s your remodel, after all, and what you want should be front and center, not what we suggest. That’s why we get to the heart of your dream for your project, and we put ourselves in your shoes to get the best perspective. You get what you hoped and dreamed for with us, not what’s on our agenda.

Not All Philadelphia Remodeling Companies Are Created Equal

Not every company values integrity, accountability, and workmanship and not every company cares about the customer. When choosing a remodeling company, it’s important to know all the red flags to avoid and the green flags to look out for.

ATTN West Chester Homeowners! Ask These 5 Smart Questions Before Hiring A Remodeling Contractor:

Do you hire subcontractors?
This is a HUGE red flag, and a HUGE no no for us. There is no way to provide stellar workmanship if your workers are not invested in the project.
What’s your hiring process?
We handpick every single employee. After drug screenings and background checks, we look for specific character traits like humility and trustworthiness.
How do you manage client communication?
We spent thousands of dollars on developing software to improve exactly this aspect of remodeling. Our efforts paid off and we now have an app that makes communication with our customers a non-issue.
How soon will you show up if I need you?
Within 72 hours – no excuses. (Really, it’s 24 hours, but we say 72 to be on the safe side.)
Do you have a good warranty?
Yes! Since our workmanship is precise and extremely well done, we are confident enough to provide you with a rock solid, non-prorated warranty.

Why Remodelocity?

  • Unlimited access to high-end products
  • Real-time, minute-to-minute updates about your project
  • Expert craftsmen who don’t have a lazy bone in their bodies
  • Clear and consistent communication

When You’re Ready For A Home Remodeling Investment,
Choose The Best Option In Town

Any home remodeling project for your West Chester, PA, home is a significant investment, so don’t leave things up to chance. Choose a quality home remodeling company for the job.

Here at Remodelocity, our employees know there’s only one way to do a job, and that’s the right way. When we complete your remodeling project, you’ll find care and precision in every detail.

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