Products And Materials

When It Comes To The Products We Sell
We Only Have One Rule

It Needs To Be The BEST Product For YOU…We Don’t Have Any Other Conditions Or Requirements

We do something unusual when it comes to the products and materials that we use. We like to have freedom of choice, to choose the products and materials that are perfect for your specific needs.

The reason why this is unusual is that it makes our lives harder. We have an unlimited number of options — so we spend more time hunting for the perfect product. If we were contracted with one or two manufacturers, we would be able to skip this step altogether.

Most companies will do anything they can to make their lives easier, not harder. But when we look at it from the customer’s perspective it’s clear to see how much MORE beneficial it is to not be confined to one or two specific manufacturers.

Unlimited Options = Unlimited Potential

Our customers do incredible things with their homes — because there are no LIMITATIONS. Unrestricted access to any kind of product and material opens up a world of possibility that would otherwise be completely off-limits.

Not All Products Are Created Equal

You probably already know this — nothing is perfect. All products have pros and cons, even the super expensive, top-quality products that are touted as the best thing since sliced bread.

The trick is to find a product that provides exactly what you need and to pinpoint the downsides upfront. If they are things that don’t bother you at all or are insignificant because of your lifestyle — you’ve hit the jackpot.

This is where we come in.

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