The Remodelocity Story

We ALWAYS Put Our Customers Ahead
Of Our Profits

How Remodelocity’s Vision Resulted In An Unstoppable,
Customer Obsessed, Remodeling Company

Most companies are single-mindedly focused on their own profit. As much as they may like servicing their customers and being involved in the industry — it all boils down to ‘how can we make enough money as soon as possible’.
The issue with this mindset is that if you’re focused on profits then you’re pushing your money toward yourself and not toward your customers. You can only have ONE thing at the top — if it’s your profits, then it’s NOT your customers, no matter how good your intentions are.

This is where Remodelocity differs from every other business out there. We are obsessed with the customer. We are in constant pursuit of the perfect installation and perfect client communication. This is how we feel a company should grow.

Most Companies Are Obsessed With One Thing: Their Profit Strategy — We’re Obsessed With Improving The Customer Experience

We’ve invested over a MILLION dollars just to make our clients happy. Because that’s what is important to us — more than anything else.

We had this idea — what if we can streamline the remodeling process so that our customers don’t need to go hunting for a new company for every little remodeling project. Some people called us crazy, they told us to ‘just make peace with the status quo’, but we absolutely were NOT at peace with how things stood in the remodeling industry.

Communication was also something constantly on our minds. Communication in the Remodeling world absolutely sucks. We knew there had to be a way to avoid all the unnecessary frustration, annoyance and delays that come about just because of crappy communication. And we invested money, time, and effort until WE FOUND THE SOLUTION.

The app that we developed lets us instantly know how our customers are feeling, if there are any snags, if they are overjoyed – or if they are disappointed. And when I see a crying emoji face, I jump on the phone and RESOLVE it. This avoids stress for the customer and for us down the road.

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